Hostels, Rooms and Charges

Internal Hostels
We have both on-campus and off-campus accomodation facilities. On-campus/ internal accomodation is facilitated through hostels within Mount Kenya University. Rooms and bed spaces are allocated to students on first-come basis.

However, the on-campus hostels are not adequate. To curb this, the university works in conjunction with a group of people who provide private external hostel services.The internal hostels located within the university premises. Room allocation is done by the CCAS manager. There is two major internal hostels, one for ladies and the other one for Gents. The new Gents hostel is divided into three major wings; Lenana Wing, Batiani and Nelion Wing.

hostelsExternal Hostels
The external hostels are approved by the university. They are allowed to pick the university’s students for accommodation purposes. There is an agreement of understanding between these hostel providers and the university which is reached upon the hostel meeting certain minimum standards.