Why study at MKU

Why study at MKU

Mount Kenya University Provides a stimulating learning environment through an innovative student-based and quality driven approach to teaching and learning. We ensure that our students enjoy a rich, highly interactive and personalized learning environment which is essential in the realization of one’s potential and preparation for the future.

Those who choose Mount Kenya University get access to wide range of courses that form a springboard to a sea of opportunities. We seek to promote a record of achievement and success in academic excellence and job prospects. To help you realize your life-time agenda, we have invested heavily in facilities and staff.

Mount Kenya University is in the forefront of using Information and Communication Technology to support learning and teaching. We have thus blended the use of e-learning with strong traditional learning and teaching values to give you flexible and dynamic learning experience.
Our aim is to become a leading centre of academic excellence and a preferred destination for all those who aspire for an academically fulfilling experience.

As a student of talent and ability, you will be exposed to programmes that present a sound theoretical foundation and a strong practical background.

21 Reasons why you should study at MKU

Many reasons explain various world phenomena, But there are 21 reasons why MKU is the most preferred private university by both Government and self-sponsored students

  1. Accreditation: Accredited by the Commission for University Education, Kenya.
  2. International recognition: The University is fully chartered, and is ISO 9001:2008 certified, meaning that it is committed on compliance with international standards on quality.
  3. Convenient fees payment mode: Affordable and flexible fees payment in easy percentage installments of 30:30:20:20.
  4. Accessible campuses: Students have a choice to study from any of its accredited campuses in Kenya and other countries, hence increased access to and equity in university education plus Digital varsity.
  5. Digital window: Wi-Fi internet access across all the campuses.
  6. Superb staff: Qualified and committed teaching and non-teaching staff.
  7. Academic resources: Well-equipped Science and IT laboratories, Library and other academic resources.
  8. Flexible study options: Flexible modes of learning, which include fulltime, digital learning, Institution-based learning, part-time (evening and weekends).
  9. Course completion time: Students are able to complete their course within the stipulated time. Students’ academic progress is monitored and evaluated on a continuous basis.
  10. Student welfare support: For the convenience of the students, the University has in place accommodation facilities and a student centre that houses a restaurant serving international cuisine. The university also has a gym and a salon/barber shop. There are also shops for the basic needs of students, laundry and dry cleaning services. The integrated sick bay offers basic health services and ensures a healthy environment for the University community. The sporting and recreation activities at the university vary and include rugby, football, tennis, volley ball, athletics, swimming and others such as drama.
  11. Academic/Social trips: The University has in place a fleet of buses. Transport is always available for academic and social trips.
  12. Academic exchanges: Students’ benefit from academic exchanges with foreign and local institutions of higher learning.
  13. Career placement: The University produces highly skilled graduates who are employable. Others go into self-employment and create jobs.
  14. Multicultural diversity: The University recognises the diversity of its student population and develops talents through organising of cultural events. There is unity in diversity.
  15. Community Service/Engagements: Mount Kenya University is committed to carrying out corporate social responsibility based activities that add value to the community we live in.
  16. E-Reading facilities: Use of ICT and other technologies, such as kindles.
  17. Research and Development: We create innovators and support them to commercialise innovations and inventions.
  18. Academic Character: Mount Kenya University offers an all-rounded education, including moral and professional education to all persons irrespective of religion, race, gender, political affiliation, social or cultural background.
  19. Transition rate: Students progress from one level to another at a very high rate, which is an indicator of satisfaction.
  20. Security: Enhanced security in the University and within its environs through 24-hour CCTV camera surveillance and night patrols by security agencies.
  21. Synergetic Partnership: University partners with research institutions ,Universities, hospitals and forges strong industry – academia linkages
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