Thika Main Campus

The Campus is located along General Kago Road, Thika town. It is the epicentre of all Mount Kenya University Campuses and hosts the offices of Chairman, Board of Directors, Vice Chancellor and Deputy Vice Chancellors. It is also home to Medical School, College of Health Sciences, School of Public Health, School of Nursing , School of Pharmacy,School of Pure and Applied Sciences, School of Social Sciences,School of Business and Economics, School of Hospitality, Tours and Travel and School of Engineering & the Built Environment. The entire MKU history is anchored here. The acorn that grew into a giant oak was sown here.

“Birmingham of Kenya”
Thika town, the location of the MKU Main Campus is 45 Kilometres from Kenya’s capital Nairobi and about two Kilometres from the heart of Thika town, Kiambu County. Thika is an industrial town and is affectionately called the “Birmingham of Kenya.” Besides textile, food and chemical industries, the town also hosts various tourist sites notably 14 Falls and Chania Falls.

The acorn from which the giant university would sprout to spread its tentacles throughout the region was sown here in 1996. Five Kilometres East of the Main Campus is the proposed expansion site. It is a 23.5ha piece of real estate that will in future host a one-of-a-kind Science and Technology complex. Thika has a special place in the narrative of colonial Kenya, and is immortalize in texts such as The Flame Trees of  Thika. The town has sprinkles of pan Africanism wherever you look; Kwame Nkrumah Avenue, Wangari Maathai Gardens…to name but a few.

Alumni Plaza

This 11-storey building at Thika Main Campus hosts all administration offices including office of  the Vice Chancellor, Council, Deputy Vice-Chancellors, Digital Varsity, and Finance Directorate.From its floor top you can have a breath taking scenery of Kiambu County.

Chancellors Tower

Mount Kenya University has opened a 10-storey building at its Thika Main Campus. The Chancellor’s Tower was commissioned a week ago to provide extra state of the art facilities at the campus.
The name of the tower was arrived at through a competitive process that involved all current and past students of the university. The students, encouraged by the prize money for best name, suggested more than 1,000 names. The Chancellor’s Tower reflects the apex position the Chancellor holds at the university, which mirrors the building’s stature in Kiambu County, and that of MKU amongst its contemporaries in the higher education arena. In addition, the Chancellor’s position at the university is perpetual, and so is the building with its rock solid foundation

On the ground floor of Chancellors Tower, We have MKU Health  Clinic which is dedicated to serve the students and staff. The clinic has a waiting lobby, Consultation rooms, laboratories, minor operation room, health records room and Chemist


The Thika main campus library offers various services such as:

  1. Circulation Services
  2. Periodical services
  3. Special needs services
  4. Digital Services
    1. E-Books and E-Journals,
    2. Computer lab with internet access
    3. Institutional repository
    4. CDs and DVDs with a multi-media player
  5. Junior readers
  6. Postgraduate section

The library has professional staff who are welcoming and always ready serve.

As an extension of the library aimed to assist students to conduct group discussions and assignment the library has study villas located just outside the library and also outside the gents hostels.The villas are well equipped with a lighting system, charging ports and WiFi.


Visit the library website :


Thika Main Campus has separate hostels for gents and ladies. We have both on-campus and off-campus accommodation facilities. On-campus/ internal accomodation is facilitated through hostels within Mount Kenya University. Rooms and bed spaces are allocated to students on first-come basis.

However, the on-campus hostels are not adequate. To curb this, the university works in conjunction with a group of people who provide private external hostel services.The internal hostels located within the university premises. Room allocation is done by the CCAS manager.

The new Gents hostel is divided into three major wings; Lenana Wing, Batiani and Nelion Wing. We also have a hostel for the medical School students

The ladies have two wings hostels and one executive hostels next to swimming pool

Lecture halls

This aerial view shows gents hostels which include Batian, Nelion and Lenana wings.located besides the hostel is the student centres where students accesses all their personal upkeep services, the building also hosts the Deputy Vice Chancellor students Welfare and Alumni, office of the Dean of Students, Alumni office, clubs and Sports coordinator, University Counselor Chaplain and others.

The tall building is Chancellor’s Tower which is shared by academic offices and  students lecture room, the top floor hosts CT hall commonly used to hold events and public lectures.

The L shaped building is known as FLT block and hosts the Journalism studio, Animal health labs and lecture room.

The last visible building is called MLT block its home to the ICT laboratories, Digital Lab, ICT Support offices and finally lecture rooms

The main campus has more facilities and few are captured in the photo. other key areas not shown is the library,Swimming pool,indoor games arena, laboratories,administration offices, basket ball court and ladies hostel


Thika Main Campus has over 36 laboratories

MKU was ranked among the top 5 best Universities in sports making us the hub of sporting activities.

We have one of the best indoor games arena that can hold over 5000 students and a state of art basket ball pitch which has an epoxy floor.

The event dubbed End of Semester Indoor Sports will take place today.

At MKU we have games such as:

  1. Soccer (Men & ladies)
  2. Pool tables
  3. Chess
  4. Badminton
  5. Table tennis
  6. Football
  7. Chess
  8. Rugby
  9. Basketball
  10. Athletics
  11. Swimming

Mount Kenya University is blessed with different cultures, religions, races and talents. Therefore, we encourage students to attend these events and showcase their talent and bond with fellow students.

It’s not just a University, it’s a place with Sports, drama and Entertainment.