Drop a sweat for a Sweet tomorrow

Mount Kenya University has invested in two fitness centres with a motive to keep staff and student fit and enjoys their life while at campus. Mount Kenya University boasts of an ultra-modern fitness studio well equipped with up to date Training Machines and Equipment and fitted with a wooden floor that helps reduce pressure on the knees when doing high impact aerobics.

Fitness Centres

The student gymnasium is located at the ground floor of the student centre next to the Gaming Centre, this facility has an aerobic hall ,3 well equipped rooms with different training machine, reception and washrooms which have lockable cabinets for safe keeping of items as you train.

The staff fitness centre is located at the roof top of the 12 storey floor Alumni plaza, as you train you get to enjoy the serene view of Thika industrial hub and Mount Kilimambogo.

Fitness Centre Team

Mount Kenya University fitness centres are managed by directorate of projects and institutional planning. All centres have personnel manning the following roles:

  1. Aerobic Trainer
  2. Gymnasium instructor
  3. Nutritionist
  4. Yoga Specialist

If you really want to get your body in to shape, aerobics is the way to go. It is one of the most effective exercise formats that one can use to get flexible and increase muscle strength.