Mount Kenya University offers ground breaking courses in the department of Journalism and Mass Communication that reflects the changes that have transformed journalism and communication field and by implication society in recent years.
You will learn from respected journalists and other industry experts, exploring what it means to work with new technologies in today’s multimedia newsrooms and workplaces.
The department offers certificates, bachelor and masters programmes in journalism, public relations, animation and motion pictures, film studies, mass media and communication, corporate communications and media management.

Journalism Brochure
Career Opportunities

1. Video editor
2. Reporter
3. Photojournalist
4. Camera operator
5. Disc jockey
6. Print and broadcast editor
7. Sound technician
8. Studio technician
9. Public relations assistant/officer
10. Website content developer
11. Event organiser
12. Trainer

1. TV/Radio host
2. Event organiser
3. Trainer
4. TV/radio host
5. Media manager
6. Editor
7. News anchor
8. Copy writer/advertising creative
9. Media researcher
10. Social media administrator
11. Photojournalist
12. Communication Officer/Assistant

1. Website content developer
2. Event organiser
3. Content developer (TV, radio, Online)
4. Graphic designer
5. Sound designer
6. Film producer
7. Film director
8. Film researcher
9. Cinematographer/videographer
10. Animator
11. Script writer
12. Creative Advertiser