Welcome to Mount Kenya University Bookshop, your one stop shop for all your academic and  souvenirs.

The commencement and operation of the university bookshop began in the month of Dec 2019.

The Reprographics, Souvenir, Stationery and Books sections have been in operation. The aim of the Enterprise project is to offer service to the university community, and establish business networks and linkages with technical institutes,colleges and universities.

At the bookshop we have a variety of supplies which we aims to satisfy our clients with by offering quality products with a market affordable prices

Bookshop Services

Photocopying & Printing

Stationery & Text books

Assorted branded items & Merchandise

Thesis hard copy binding


ICT Related accessories & gadgets

Talk to Us


Cellphone :  0709153206/0709153207

Visit us at Alumni Plaza, Bookshop Wing

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