International Students

International Students

Welcome to Mount Kenya University (MKU), a fully fledged chartered university committed to a broad-based, wholistic and inclusive system of education. The university also offers a wide-range of academic and professional courses, through various flexible modes that include E-learning, evening classes, weekend classes and Distance and Institution Based E-Learning (DIBeL).

MKU has Footprints in:


We have the following campuses and study centers in Kenya:

  1. Main Campus, Thika
  2. Nairobi Campus
  3. Nakuru Campus
  4. Mombasa Campus
  5. Kakamega Campus
  6. Eldoret Campus
  7. Nkubu/Meru Campus
  8. Kisii Campus
  9. Malindi Center
  10. Kericho Center
  11. Kisumu Center
  12. Nyeri Center

Application for a Student/Research/Internship Pass

  1. Kenya Student pass
    This is a document issued to applicants (foreign students) (section 30(1) of the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Regulations 2012, who wish to pursue their education in Kenya’s Education or Training Institutions where they have been accepted or admitted. The applicant (foreign student) must be accepted as a student by an approved Educational or Training Establishment.
  2. Kenya Intership/Research pass
    This is a document issued to person(s) seeking to enter and remain in Kenya for the purpose of undertaking Internship or an academic research within kenya. The applicant must be accepted as an intern or researcher in an institution within Kenya.

What are the requirements?

Kenya Student’s Pass Requirement

  1. Signed commitment letter from the sponsor – both new and renewal cases
  2. National passport copy of the sponsor – both new and renewal cases
  3. Proof of funds for self-sponsored students – both new and renewal cases
  4. Copy of a valid national passport both new and renewal cases (the bio-data page)
  5. Current immigration status for the pupil/student- both new and renewal cases (If in the country)
  6. Two (2) recent passport size color photos. – both new and renewal cases
  7. Duly certified Copies of basic academic certificates for those joining Tertiary Institutions and Universities -new cases
  8. Copy of the school’s/college registration certificate from the Ministry of Education – new cases
  9. Certified copies of progress report/transcripts obtained(by the issuing institution) -for renewal cases
  10. Copy of student’s pass previously held -for renewal cases
  11. Police Clearance Certificate from the country of origin, or if a resident, from the Kenya Police Service
  12. Copy of Checklist. click here to download

Kenya Internship / Research Pass Requirements

  1. A duly filled, signed and stamped application Form 30, by the institution’s authorized personnel (Both new and renewal cases) . You will print out the form at the end of the application for a Student pass. In case you want to reprint your application form, you can do so by going to “My Applications” section here
  2. Detailed and Signed cover letter from the institution indicating the internship or research topic to be pursued and the duration and should be addressed to the Director of Immigration Services
  3. Copy of a valid national passport (the bio-data page)
  4. Current immigration status of the pupil/student(if in the country)
  5. Two (2) recent passport size color photos
  6. Duly certified copies of academic certificates and CV
  7. Documents in foreign languages should be translated into English by either the Embassy, Public Notary, or authorized /recognized institution
  8. Copy of research permit from the National Council for science and Technology for those undertaking research programs
  9. Police Clearance Certificate from the country of origin, or if a resident, from the Kenya Police Service
  10. Copy of Checklist. click here to download

How to apply
You need to:

  1. Create a log in account within the Government of Kenya Single Sign on portal
  2. Log in using the account you have created above to access eFNS portal
  3. Once logged in the eFNS portal, select the “Apply now” Link
  4. Click on the “Submit Applications” tab and select the Student pass tab. If you are already logged in to eFNS, you can click here to make an application.
  5. After your application is approved, an invoice will be generated which you can see by clicking on “Dashboard” then “Payments” Tab. If you have already logged in eFNS, you can click here to make a payment.
  6. If unable to pay using any of the online modes, print your invoice by clicking on “Dashboard” then “Payments” Tab (If you have already logged in eFNS, you can click here to print your invoice). Present your invoice and Banker’s cheque at the Immigration Counter at Nyayo House, Nairobi for payments
  7. You shall receive automatic notifications via email and on your online account about the progress of your application


  1. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  2. Engaging in any form of business or employment without a requisite permit or pass is an offence.
  3. Application print-outs must be presented to the Immigration headquaters
  4. It is an offence to receive education or training at any educational or training establishment within Kenya without a pupil’s / student’s pass (section 30 (7) of the Kenya citizenship and Immigration Regulations,2012)

Obtain a student pass  (7 essentials steps)

  1. Register with eFNS portal
    The process is done online from the online immigration portal
    Note: Applicants should create their own accounts for efficient tracking of notifications and invoice(s).
    This to be facilitated from the International Students Welfare Coordinator Office.
  2. Apply for student pass
    The Process is done online; the applicant after completion; has to print out the form 30 and attach it with the required documents.MOUNT KENYA UNIVERSITY IMMIGRATION file number: R 945706
    NAME OF THE PRINCIPAL: ACTING Registrar, Academic Affairs
  3. Submit student pass application
    The required documents to be submitted at the International Students Welfare Coordinator and to be confirmed from the checklist before submission before a cover letter is given from the Registrar Office.
  4. Obtain notification of approval
    Once the student pass is approved; the applicant receives a notification about the amount to be paid and the deadline for payment. (Currently East African origin Students are exempted from the student pass fees payment)
  5. Pay for student pass fees
    The payment is made online from the efns account (payments section) and an invoice is generated after the payment; to be submitted at the immigration.
  6. Obtain a student pass
    The applicant receives a notification once the student pass is issued and ready for collection.
  7. Student pass endorsement
    The student pass once collected; must be endorsed in to the passport of the applicant from the immigration office

Why MKU is a Preferred Destination for International Students.

  1. Mount Kenya University is accredited by the Commission for Higher Education, Kenya
  2. Affordable fees to ensure that a bigger proportion of East Africans access higher education
  3. Students have a choice to choose where to study from its ten (10) campuses
  4. Wi-Fi internet access across all campuses
  5. Free Annual air ticket (* terms and conditions apply)
  6. The university assists in processing of students permit and pupil’s pass with immigration department.
  7. Flexible mode of learning which includes: Fulltime, Open/distance and E-learning, school based, Part-time (evening and weekends)
  8. The main language of instruction is English. The university offers bridging and short courses in English. Other languages taught for the hospitality industry include: French, German, Spanish, Kiswahili and Chinese among others.
  9. Student Welfare Support: For the convenience of the students, the University has in place a students centre which houses a restaurants serving international cuisine, gym and salon/ barber shop. There are also shops for the basic needs of students, a laundry and dry cleaning services. The sick bay health unit offers basic health services and ensures a healthy environment for the university community. The sporting activities at the university vary and range from football, tennis, volleyball, swimming and other activities such as drama and counseling.
  10. Transportation: The University has in place a fleet of buses and transport is always available for practical academic and social trips. Students are also picked up at the airport on their first arrival.
  11. Students academic exchange with all the campuses.
  12. Tourism: Kenya is endowed with a variety of tourism attractions and foreign students have a chance to sample them. The coastline in Mombasa, the flamingoes on Lake Nakuru, national Parks, Delmonte Pineapples farming in Thika, Mount Kenya etc. are some of the few places to visit in the country.
  13. Career Placement : the University produces highly skilled graduates who are employable by potential employers and others gain self-employment opportunities.
  14. Multicultural diversity: The university recognizes the diversity of its students population and develops talents through organizing of cultural events.
  15. International Recognition: The University is on the road map of ISO- Certification and committed on compliance with international standard on quality.
  16. Community services / Engagements: Mount Kenya University is committed to carry out corporate social responsibility based activities which add value to the community we live in.
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