Applications are invited from qualified candidates wishing to pursue any of the above listed courses in MKU through KUCCPS.

S/NProgramme CodeProgramme Name
1.1279131Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
2. 1279132Bachelor of Science in Nursing
3.1279129Bachelor of Pharmacy
4.1279107Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science
5.1279108Bachelor of Science (Industrial Chemistry)
6.1279133Bachelor of Commerce
7.1279135Bachelor of Education Arts
8.1279137Bachelor of Education (Science)
9.1279146Bachelor of Economics
10.1279150Bachelor of Science in Information Science
11.1279151Bachelor of Business Management
12. 1279155Bachelor of Education Special Needs Education Primary Option
13. 1279163Bachelor of Science in Statistics
14. 1279171Bachelor of Arts in Community Development
15. 1279188Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health
16.1279194Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences
17.1279199Bachelor of Economics and Statistics
18. 1279202Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics
19. 1279204Bachelor of Education in Primary Education
20.1279207Bachelor of Science in Health Education and Promotion
21.1279209Bachelor of Science in Laboratory Technology
22. 1279213Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science
23. 1279218Bachelor of Science in Oral Health
24. 1279219Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Exploration And Production
25. 1279220Bachelor of Technology in Computer and Electronic Systems
26.1279224Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management
27. 1279226Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology)
28. 1279232Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
29. 1279244Bachelor of Business Information Technology
30. 1279250Bachelor of Procurement
31. 1279290Bachelor of Science in Animal Health and Production
32.1279293Bachelor of Science (Animal Science)
33. 1279296Bachelor of Arts in International Relations
34. 1279303Bachelor of Development Studies
35. 1279403Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Rural Development
36. 1279423Bachelor of Science in Community Health and Development
37 1279448Bachelor of Management and Office Administration
38. 1279455Bachelor of Science in Dental Technology
39. 1279477Bachelor of Science (Applied Biology)
40. 1279514Bachelor of Science in Energy and Environmental Technology
41. 1279540Bachelor of Economics and Finance
42.1279603Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Processing
43. 1279604Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media and Communication
44. 1279656Bachelor of Education Special Needs Education Secondary Option
45. 1279657Bachelor of Science in Health Systems Management
46. 1279668Bachelor of Arts in Justice and Security Studies
47. 1279669Bachelor of Arts in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
48. 1279670Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration
49. 1279671Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Governance
50. 1279672Bachelor of Arts in Security Studies And Criminology
51.1279674Bachelor of Counseling Psychology
52.1279675Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Studies
53.1279677Bachelor of Science in Finance and Statistics
54.1279679Bachelor of Film Animation
55. 1279681Bachelor of Science in Health Records and Information Technology
56. 1279683Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management
57. 1279684Bachelor of Science in Travel and Tourism Management
58. 1279685Bachelor of Social Work and Administration
59. 1279806Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

New applicants can apply through:
a. Website : or
b. Telephone : 0723954927, 0734879662
c. Email :

Procedure For Inter University Transfer:
a. Log in in KUCCPS student portal
b. Click on inter university/Institution Transfer
c. Fill the form and download the PDF
d. Take to the University transferring to for acceptance
e. Take to the university transferring from for approval and release
f. Return the dully filled form to KUCCPs for action