MKU Medical School ranked the overall best

COMMITTED TO QUALITY AND EXCELLENCE: Mount Kenya University School of Medicine Surgically elbows out old guards to top list of institutions offering Medicine.

Granted provisional accreditation in May 2014 by the Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board, Mount Kenya University embarked on a journey to knit world class Medics in Thika Campus.


Guided by it's Mission statement;- To contribute to the society by provision of accessible and innovative quality


MKUSA Elections Kick off

MKU Thika Campus Student election campaigns kicks off: Electoral Chair Christopher Munene confirms.

After a rigorous process of vetting, the electoral commission (2020/2021) has embarked on it's mandate to ensure they deliver a free, fair and credible elections devoid of chaos and oversee a process aimed at producing competent MKUSA leaders.


With respect to calendar of events of the institution and in line with the MKUSA Constitution, Mount Kenya University- Thika campus student fraternity is on top gear after a circular released by the electoral commission Chair Mr. Christopher Munene.


Meet Christian Nathaniel Nabie

Christian Nathaniel Nabie a 6th Year Medical Student scaling the heights of Hockey bags Men's National League Player of the year 2019.


"I started playing hockey with my elder brother and friends in my home town 12 years ago while in standard 7. Then, I had a few basic skills to play. Therefore I didn’t take part in any competitive matches until when I joined Friends school Kamusinga two years later where as the team captain I managed to lead the team to clinch both the National hockey title and the East and Central Africa hockey title"


In his 6th year, the young talented medical student is leaving nothing to chance in doing what he loves most; His passion for Medicine and Hockey. His busy schedule notwithstanding. For a chap who has loved the game since from primary, winning this award means alot to Christian


Newly Refurbished Physiology Laboratory Opens it’s doors to Students

Committed to Quality: Newly Refurbished Physiology Laboratory Opens it’s doors to Students.

Located a few meters from Mount Kenya University's Iconic building- Alumni Plaza, at LT Building is the newly refurbished Physiology Laboratory which opened it’s doors to Students last week.

As you enter the Laboratory, you’re greeted with a blast of fresh air facilitated by enough ventilation to allow in more air. To your left, is a rack mounted on the wall where Students place their bags to prevent contamination and keep surfaces clear for smooth learning.