The strategic objectives that drive the MKU partnership and linkages are as follows;

  1. To raise the visibility of MKU locally and internationally
  2. To enhance university network for benchmarking and overall quality addition.
  3. To market MKU regionally and internationally.
  4. To contribute towards improvement of University ranking.

Our Partners

  1. Manchester Metropolitan MOU


  • Exchange of students at all levels of training
  • Joint research and publications
  • Consultancy & capacity building
  • Joint community outreach activities

2. Gujarat


  • Collaborative publications, conferences research and seminars among other activities.
  • Exchange of staff in lecturing and supervision of students

3. Mully Children’s Family


  • Joint environmental conservation projects,
  • Attachment of students,
  • Joint proposal writing for funding,
  • Joint conferences, seminars and workshops,
  • Joint execution of funded projects,
  • Any other activities that will be mutually accepted.

4. BIDCO Limited


  • Joint hosting of conference, workshops & seminars on mutually agreed topical areas
  • Internship/attachment & placement employment opportunities
  • Institution of special BIDCO accounts for procurement opportunities by MKU as well as for sales by the Graduate Enterprise Academy beneficiaries.
  • Websites back linking for mutual benefits in local and international visibility
  • Joint environmental management activities
  • Any other viable activities that may arise and be agreed upon from time to time

5. UN Volunteers


  • Promoting volunteering among MKU students
  • Cooperating on joint events and activities that serve the purpose of professional development and exposure of MKU Students to the UN System such as a UN day at the university; MKU students as event volunteers to large UN conferences

6. Health Management System Association (HESMA)


  • Collaborative training in Health Management Systems for Bachelors and Masters holders
  • Joint conferences, seminars, research and publications

7. Mentor Talent HUB MOU (University of Regensburg, Germany


  •  Mentorship on Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine.
  • Joint research collaboration among parties at an international level
  • Collaborative publications, conferences research and seminars among other activities.
  • Exchange of staff in lecturing and supervision of students.
  • Collaborate in exchange and facilitation of student internships

8.Global Economic Institute (GEI)


  • Collaborate in setting up a Center for Innovations in Regional Economic Development for Africa (CIRED)
  • Collaborate in advance academic research in trade, investment, innovation and economic development.
  • Collaborate in advance professional development that strengths economic developers careers and communities.
  • Jointly design and deliver a wide variety of capacity building programs to assist local, state and devolved governance bodies in the execution of their economic development mandates.

9. VMWare (Virtualize Africa)


  • Free training of Train-The-Trainer (TTT) for the staff- technical and academic teams in five phases i.e Explore, Fundamental, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert levels.
  • To provide a VMware-trained instructor at no cost to each UTC that commits to offering the VMware training as part of their standard curriculum.
  • MKU will be the University Training Center (UTC) for the VMWare technologies through this MOU.
  • Enhancement of the virtual platform

10. Ministry of Health (PhD training)


  • Collaboration in training of PhD student in Nursing Science Degree Course.

11. Telkom Kenya Ltd


  •  Enhancing data connectivity for the online distance Education Learning (ODEL) program at MKU
  •  Providing enterprise mobile solution for all members of staff – closed user group (CUG) at MKU
  •  Work towards enhancement research in ICT
  •  Working to provide subsidized surfing cost and or zero rated Distance Learning applications and URLS.
  •  Consolidating and leveraging on the power of wholesale preferred connectivity on internet partnership fibre at MKU Main campus and other Campuses across Kenya.
  • Facilitating for Zero rating of TV 47
  •  (Department of Journalism & Mass Communication teaching facility) applications and URLS for TV 47 original content
  •  Developing TV 47 as a training facility on digital content platform and co-branding and partnering in the market entry through Telkom Kenya Network.
  • Leveraging on Telkom Enterprise connectivity for Video/ content transmission.
  • Any other areas of mutual interest and competence of both Parties.

12. Agakhan Hospital


  • Joint clinical & pathological research

13. Swiss Contact


  • Collaboration in development of microfinance programmes

14. Microsoft


  • Digital transformation in education for enabling technology into curriculum
  • Partnership and resources
  • Enhancing students employment

15. University of the West of Scotland Collaboration on Cultural Heritage


  • That there shall be collaboration cultural heritage
  • That the University of West of Scotland shall fund the project

16. Summit International Institute (Burundi)


Collaborative publications, conferences research and seminars and other academic activities.

17. College of Surgeons of South, East & Central Africa (COSESCA)


Collaboration in training of surgeons, conferences research and seminars among other activities.

18. The University Court of the University of Edinburg 


Collaborative in research, publications and other academic activities

19. Turkana University College (TUC)

Scope: Collaborate in academic activities e.g teaching, processing of examinations

20. Chartered Institute for Securities & Investments (CISI)

Scope: Collaborative publications, conferences research and seminars among other activities.

21. Finders & Keepers

Scope: Collaborative promotion of surgical interventions on neglected surgical cases

22. Switchnet Afya MOU

Scope:Collaborative research, publications and participation in community outreach activities.

23. Osaka City University

Scope: Collaborative research, data collection and compiling & publication

24: Makerere University


  • Collaborative publications, conferences research and seminars and other educational activities.
  • Exchange programme for both students and staff.

25. Kenyatta University


  • Exchange of Faculty, Students and academic information.
  • Joint research and educational activities.

26. Kenya Utalii


  • Jointly train and award certificates & diplomas developed by both institutions.
  • Offer internships to MKU Kenya & Rwanda students

27. Nottingham Trent University


  • Joint proposals for funding
  • Exchange of staff and students

28. Mediation Training Institute (MTI)


  • Joint training and teaching activity in Mediation;
  • Sharing of educational materials and resources for the sole purpose of Professional Mediation Training only during the subsistence of this MOU.
  • Training and Certifying professional mediators and issuance of certificates with logos of both parties

29. University of South Africa


  • Bench marking on ICT
  • Exchange of staff and students
  • Joint supervision of students

30. Rwanda Police


  • To enhance the capacity and skills (theoretical and practical) to the participants in order to equip them with necessary knowledge to deal with current policing demands in law enforcement and justice administration.
  • To guide students in the concept development process.

31. Makerere University College of Health Sciences


  • To stimulate communication, cooperation, and partnerships between the two Colleges including exchange of students and faculty and to develop twinned curriculum thus enhancing the educational quality and resources of both Colleges.
  • To provide information on academic programmes of both Colleges so that students take full advantage of existing international education opportunities.
  • To create a collaborative relationship between MAKCHS and MKUCHS in which either party will recognize the other as a partner in training and research.

32. Kenya National Commission for UNESCO (KNATCOM – UNESCO)


Collaboration between MKU and KNATCOM shall be undertaken on mutual consent and subject to the availability of resources through the broad areas aimed at leading towards achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals as follows;
i. Youth empowerment and other activities in the broad area of social and human sciences
ii. ICT, science and technology promotion for sustainable development
iii. Varied areas in education, culture and communication
iv. Peace and security, environmental sustainability, and other areas of global concern
v. Research
vi. Exchange of staff and sharing of other resources,
vii. Capacity development
viii. Monitoring and Evaluation

33. De La Rue Currency and Security Print Limited

Scope: Design, print and supply certificates in accordance with the current approved design proof and the agreed specification.

34. UNESCO for a UNESCO-CHAIR at Nakuru Campus.


  • Conduct research in the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in higher education and in university teacher professional development;
  • Publish research results
  • Organize training programmes in the field of ICT-based teaching and teacher professional development;
  • Create a website for the UNESCO-Chair featuring up-to-date information on its activities, its research findings, etc.;and
    cooperate closely with UNESCO on relevant programmes and activities, as well as with relevant UNESCO Chairs.

35. Leuphana University Germany


  • The organization of joint academic and scientific activities such as courses, conferences, seminars, symposia or lectures
  • Exchange of students
  • The exchange of research, teaching and administrative personnel
  • The exchange of publications and other material of common interest

36. African Cyber Space Network (ACN)

Scope:To facilitate a partnership between Mount Kenya University and Africa Cyber Space Network for Mobilization of potential stakeholders within ACN’s network as well as the promotion of the International Peace, Security and Social Enterprise Conference in general under the theme of “Cyber Crime and Security”.

37. Clarke University, USA

Scope:The conduct of joint activities, arrangements for specific visits and exchanges as well as other forms of co-operation will be agreed upon for each specific case.

38. International University of Management Namibia


  • Development of twinned academic programmes
  • Advancement of joint activities
  • Engagement in joint exchange of visiting professors and adjunct faculty
  • Establishment of student exchange
  • Collaborative cultural and community outreach activities
  • Offer joint PhD research programmes

39. Safaricom Ltd


  • Internship opportunities
  • Sponsorship of student campus events
  • Safaricom care centre to bring services closer to the university fraternity
  • Tablet program open to students and staff

39. Kenya ICT Training Programme, Nakuru

Scope:Teaching, research, exchange of faculty and students, cultural exchange and staff development.

40. Kyambogo University, Uganda

General areas of cooperation

  • Joint educational and research activities
  • Exchange of visiting scholars.
  • Exchange of undergraduate and graduate students
  • Sharing of scholarly information
  • Joint proposal writing for funding

40. African International Foundation for Educational Excellence(AIFEE), USA

Collaborate and cooperate on one or more of the following areas:

  • Opportunities for service-learning at MKU/AIFEE sites in Kenya;
  • Academic credit in various faculties of MKU;
  • Joint research, training and consultancy programs;
  • Facilitation of Faculty and student exchange;
  • Facilitation of international partnerships and activities;
  • The preparation of joint proposals for external funding;
  • Joint sponsorship of conferences;
  • Joint publication;
  • Exchange of materials, articles and other publications; and/or Other such activities as may be mutually agreed upon.

41. University of West of Scotland


  • To establish, where appropriate, the joint supervision of Master of Research (MRes) and PhD students registered at the University of the West of Scotland and Mount Kenya University;
  • To establish a mutual programme of student/staff exchange between the University of the West of Scotland and Mount Kenya University
  • To explore the potential for future research links;
  • To consider the joint development of funding proposals
  • Benchmarking in Center for African Research in Education and Economic Development (CAREED) conferences

42. Inter-universities Consortium (Kyambogo University, Uner of Eldoret, MKU, COOU (Nigeria)


  • To promote faculty and students exchange
  • To promote staff and student attachments and internships
  • To develop joint programmes to conduct research, publish information and disseminate findings for the benefit of community
  • To organize annual conferences
  • To develop and implement joint projects

43. Makerere University Business School (MUBS)


  • Exchange of faculty staff and scholars
  • Exchange of students
  • Joint proposal development for funding
  • Joint research and publications
  • Participation in conferences and academic meetings
  • Joint publications
  • Joint development and certification of short courses and postgraduate
  • To promote joint entrepreneurship projects and programmes

44. Higher Education Loans Board

Scope: Financing University students

45. Nakuru County Government Department of Health Services
(Njoro Sub-County Hospital)

Scope: Facilitation of practicals and research on community health

46. Danish Refugee Council(UNHCR- Kakuma Refugee camp)

Scope: Partnering in Training sponsorship program for refugee students from Kakuma Refugee camp in Turkana

47.  Machakos Level 5 Hospital


  • Provision of teaching and practical resources
  • Students attachment/internship opportunities
  • Professional development of staff
  • Provision of health care services
  • Research facilities

48. Kiambu County Assembly

Scope: The purpose of the MoU is to enhance collaborative activities between the Assembly and the various departments of MKU. The collaboration will cover areas of research, training, information dissemination as well as development of joint projects geared towards mutual benefits for both MKU and KCA.
a) Research
b) Attachment and internship programmes for students of MKU
c) Capacity building/ training
d) Institutional exchange and scientific information
e) Use of equipment and other facilities

49. County Government of Kiambu / Thika Level 5 Hospital


  • Offer attachment/ placements for students from MKU
  • Conduct training research and community outreach activities through programmes offered at MKU
  • Construction of a mortuary and anatomy laboratory
  • Perform complementary activities in teaching

50. Xavier University, USA

Scope:Fostering and facilitating accreditation, programs in entrepreneurship and innovation, online education while supporting the development of collaboration across other academic departments

51. Vivo Energy Kenya Ltd

Scope: Student internship in the following areas;
i. To provide local students with working experience.
ii. Provide a pool from which VEK could recruit talent.
iii. To tap the business opportunity that the University presents to the company.

52.Vincent Pol University, Poland ( Erusmus+ Programme)

Scope:  Collaboration on areas of Staff and Student mobility as well as joint research and publication

53. Kenya National Library Services(Kisumu Provincial Library)


  • Promote students and staff reading culture
  • Enhance access to a wide variety of information
  • Establish joint partnership in identifying and resourcing information materials
  • Increase membership in both MKU and KNLS libraries through student and staff enrollment
  • Sustain the continuous availability of information resources
  • Joint participation and involvement in job training

54. University of Cincinnati, USA


  • Joint research and training programmes
  • Faculty and student exchange
  • Preparation of joint proposals for external funding
  • Joint programs of consulting and evaluation
  • Joint sponsorship of conferences
  • Exchange of materials, articles and other publications
  • Other activities as may be mutually agreed upon.

55. CFBT Education Trust- Daadab Scholarship


  • Mutual support for growth and positive contribution to the society
  • Mutual support for education delivery to a total of 26 diploma and certificate students from Dadaab Refugee camp

56. University of Estonia

  • A new funding for School of Hospitality and Tourism Management from Erasmus Plus programme of Europe through the university of Estonia
  • It will involve exchanged of students and staff and is fully funded.

57. Asante Africa Foundation (AAF)


  •  Joint proposal for funding
  • Undertake full responsibilities on the funded project if the application is successful

58. Nottingham Trent University (NTU)

Scope: Exchange of both Under graduates and Postgraduates students as well as staff members ( students and staff migration)

59. Thika High School


  • Joint preparation and usage of sports field
  • Joint maintenance of the sports field
  • Joint engagement on chaplaincy and spiritual matters,
  • Joint engagement on environmental management,
  • Joint funding and execution of funded projects,