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Notice to All Postgraduate Students

As you are aware, the University put on hold face-face mode of instruction for the time being. On the other hand, the online mode of instruction is ongoing.

As we wait for the current situation occasioned by the Global Coronavirus pandemic to change, the Directorate of Graduate Studies wishes to inform you of the following:

1) The marking of theses/projects and review of Ph.D. proposals for 3rd tier presentations are ongoing

2) For those students who had successfully attended Boards of Examiners’ meetings, they should continue working on the corrections

3) Supervision of postgraduate students via technology (video-/ tele-conferencing, etc.) is ongoing.  In this regard, the Directorate of Graduate Studies has written to supervisors encouraging them to leverage on technology to engage postgraduate students

4) Deans of Schools have been advised to prepare schedules of defenses which will take place remotely via web technologies (the University has a provision for technology-based seminar presentations embedded on the Postgraduate Presentations via Web Technologies).  To this end, we request you to do the following:

  1. Liaise with your relevant school and inform the school of your intention to present a research proposal by submitting an intent to present a research proposal form (MKU/PG/F013) found in the Postgraduate Student Handbook)
  2.  Have your proposal ready and in soft copy to submit to the school as will be directed. These copies will be circulated to the panelists before the scheduled day of your defense. The copies should bear evidence of having been submitted through your supervisor by him/her appending his/her signature
  3. Ensure you meet the University’s proposal similarity index threshold by submitting a Turnitin generated similarity index report for the submitted work
  4. Ensure reliable internet connectivity to facilitate your proposal seminar presentation via technology
  5.  Ensure compliance with the University’s fee payment policy

5) We continue to receive intents to submit thesis for examination via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).  Intents to submit projects for examination will continue to be submitted to the relevant schools

6) Semester progress reports for theses/projects should be submitted to the Directorate of Graduate Studies, through the Deans of the respective schools 

7) Requests for allocation of supervisors should continue to be submitted to the schools through the Heads of Departments

8) Email enquiries to be channeled to relevant schools or the Directorate of Graduate Studies using the email provided above.

We wish to assure you of maximum cooperation, support and service at this time as we wait for normalcy to resume.

Thank you.

Dr. Ronald G. Maathai

Registrar, Academic Administration                                          

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