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Department Economics and Development Studies

Judy Mwangi - Hod Economics and Development StudiesJudy Mwangi - Hod Economics and Development StudiesDevelopment as a programme started in the Department of Business and Management. Department of Economics and Development Studies is part of the Mt. Kenya University, School of Social Sciences. In July 2011, the programme became an autonomous department. It became known as the Department of Economics and Development Studies housing three programmes: (1) Bachelor of Development Studies (2) Diploma in Community Development and Social Work (3) Certificate in Community Development and Social Work. The Department covers both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching at the juncture of the fields of Economics, Development and Social Studies. The department is currently housing seven programmes: 2 Postgraduate, 2 Bachelor, 1 postgraduate diploma, 1 diploma and 1 certificate. The Department has total academic staff strength of 3 made up, 1 Senior Lecturer, 1 Assistant Lecturers and 1 Graduate Assistants.
The Department programmes are tailor-made to respond to the emerging issues in fields of Economics, Monitoring and Evaluation, Project Planning, Sociology, Development and Social Work. The programmes offered prepare the graduates to be competent professionals to work in Government, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Development Agencies, Financial sector and Humanitarian Organisations.
As a department that is involved in development studies, issues relating to Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as well as the Vision 2030 are covered in many of the Departmental taught courses while research students at all levels are encouraged to choose topics relating to these issues in their research works.  It is our sincere conviction that at the end of your career in the department, you will be well equipped to contribute to the attainment of both the MDGs and Vision 2030.

Department Philosophy and Objectives
The philosophy of the Department hinged on the philosophy of the University, which is geared toward harnessing knowledge to serve humanity.

The vision of the Department is to train a new generation of change agents who will be highly skilled in their chosen areas of specialization, and who will, through active participation be fully prepared psychologically and academically to take practical dominion over their environment.

To provide professional through market driven academic programmes for social, economic and political development.

The specific objectives of the Department of Economics and Development Studies are as follows:
• To train students to become expert thinkers and managers, who would through their exposure to economic and development principles and application techniques come up with policy prescription adequate for the development problems.
• To develop in students the ability to apply analytical tools, knowledge and skills acquired to the solution of society’s problems.
• To prepare students for both the world of work in firms, factories and farms, as well as in self-employment through the study of Entrepreneurial Studies alongside the courses in the Department.
• To provide students with knowledge and skill base required for graduate studies either in the Mount Kenya University or in any other University throughout the world.
• To train students to think analytically through exposure to all areas of economic  and Development  (verbal, graphical and mathematical) in order to be able to contribute meaningfully to economic and development  policy formulation and implementation.
• To train students to be highly knowledgeable in the economic and development issues and history of Kenya and to its relation to the international development.

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