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The Alumni association

MKU has a proud tradition of graduating leaders and as a result, our alumni are recognized as national leaders. These Alumni leaders serve as university advocates, student recruiters, college advisors, and provide financial support for students and the university.

Since 1996 MKU and its precursor, Thika Institute of Technology has been the conduit that connects alumni back to MKU. The Alumni Association serves as a link between alumni and the college providing services to alumni, and financial assistance to deserving students.

The Alumni Association is governed by a volunteer board of directors who strive to provide opportunities for all alumni to stay connected with the University. To meet the needs of our worldwide alumni base, MKU Alumni Association is continually seeking ways for alumni to become more involved.

Our Alumni Association gives our formers students, faculty and staff the opportunity to stay connected with their colleagues through activities, events, group travel opportunities, communications, and giving back to the college to help future students succeed.

During this past year, your alumni association has been guided by a very comprehensive long range plan that assisted the officers and staff as they went about serving the needs of alumni everywhere. Our primary goal this past year has been to re-invent our alumni chapter and club structure, thereby increasing our ability to provide alumni the opportunity to interact with each other.

This year MKUAA staff will be looking to organize some events for alumni to attend. These events help us re-engage alumni as leaders, spokesmen and advocates who can then tell the wonderful story about the success and advances MKU has made during the past few years.

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