Joshua Saitoti Sanet - MKUSA President 2020/2021 urge students to observe MoH guidelines

"I am encouraging our students to acutely observe the MOH measures of social distancing, regular hand washing, wearing masks in public spaces, sanitizing and staying at home. He added.

On May/Aug Intake Freshmen, his message was clear;- Welcome Home. He speaks,


“ Mount Kenya University is an interestingly good place to live and study. As your Council President, and student, I've had an opportunity to interact with resourceful lecturers and an amazing community of students in my three years as an undergraduate pursuing a Bachelor's in Economics & Statistics.

The MKU community is larger than lecture halls. Outside the halls are student clubs and associations, sports teams, a fully equipped gym complete with instructors, music and drama for those with a liking towards performing arts. Literally, Mount Kenya University is a home, and has a place for everyone. Pursue your dreams, explore your talent (s) , join a club a movement, make new friends from Kenya and Africa and thrive in Mount Kenya University.

We have the student Council led by a team of seven dully and democratically elected officers, we represent students within and outside the University and campaign to make Mount Kenya University a better place, for all of us.

He also had this to say, Fellow Comrades, Like all of you, I am devastated by the disruption of our academic calendar thanks to COVID-19. So much of our experience in campus is tethered on friends, random meetups with friends, the hugs and hearty laughter, the conversations in class, all that weaved into the past. We have transitioned into the era of social distancing, sanitizing wearing masks, being your brother's and sister's keeper, and playing a key role as the leaders of today, in curbing transmission and infection of news cases in the fight against COVID-19.


This transition made me even more grateful for my three years MKU experience. I ask all of us to adhere fully to MOH guidelines on COVID-19 as we prepare for examinations. I look forward to seeing all of us together, after this pandemic.

Stay home, Sanitize, Wash your hands regularly, Wear a mask(in public spaces)