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Electrical Electronic Engineering Department

Mentoring the next generation of problem solvers is a key role for us. Whichever course you study in our department, you gain the technical know-how, analytical and innovative skills in readiness for local and international market.

Our courses

  1. Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  2. Bsc. in Computer and electronic systems Technology – Starting May 2016

Why study Electrical and Electronic Engineering

If you want to create, design and apply new technologies to help solve real world problems, then study electronic and electrical engineering. Electronic and electrical engineering has revolutionalized the way of doing things in a our day to day activities in a number of ways;

  • it's helping to deliver energy and provide means of efficient use of the energy
  • it's has helped to improve communication by enabling development of new technologies in telecommunications
  • it's helping health caregivers monitor their patients’ health remotely by means of smart devices

Why Study Bsc. in Computer and electronic systems Technology

Most recent technologies like smart phones, smart health monitoring devices, digital TVs and cameras have been developed by combining skills in Information Technology, computer science and electronics.

This course is aimed at producing graduates with technical expertise in both electronic and software development, who have the ability to create intelligent systems.

Why study with us?

  1. Our mode of delivery offers interactive teaching, practical work and industry-led projects that encourage innovation and creativity.
  2. we have dedicated teaching staff and technicians
  3. Today's employers look for vision, creativity and technical expertise. You'll gain all these skills from studying with us
  4. Apart from studies, you will gain new experiences by meeting new people and involve in new things like clubs, sports, music, academic trips, and innovation projects among others. 


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