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Mr. Boniface Kamau

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In the light of the present societal challenges, I have deliberately found that there is a great need to plug in the Sovereign Department of Early Childhood Studies in Mount Kenya University. This is to concert my academic efforts with the others in the department, and the world of academia at large. This is in the greater noble quest of realizing a sustainable educational development of the young child for quality life. Through providing child educators and caregivers with competencies in subject methodologies, instructional skills, selection and management of teaching resources, we are guaranteed to have:-

  1. Developed children who are relevant to the community and societal demands.
  2. Increased competence base of teachers through informed paradigm shift in their approach of pedagogical ventures.
  3. Established educational partnerships and linkages
  4. Well facilitated implementation of government policies and guidelines.
  5. Improved learning environment including provision of necessary facilities, equipment and space for children to ensure their acquisition of quality learning.

The proper exposure of our students to teaching practice and field attachment across the country, meaningful instructional skills in Early Childhood Education, for all levels, undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and experience in research for diploma, Bachelor of Education, Masters and PhD students spells a lot of prospects to my call. Our country must get an excellent Early Childhood Education Personnel with this level of commitment!
With me I have brought a vast experience form the world of Early Childhood Studies; as a former teacher in various primary schools in Kenya, DICECE trainer in various DICECE colleges including but not limited to Maragwa, Machakos, and Nairobi East DICECE Teacher Training Colleges in Kenya. Besides, I have been District Early Childhood Education Officer DICECE Officer) in Yatta and Kikuyu Districts in Kenya.