Vice-Chancellor address during students orientation



  • Opening Remarks

Ladies and gentlemen, on 17th September, 2020, I addressed you (the new students) virtually. The virtual address was on passion and purpose. It is again my pleasure to address you today and to welcome you to Mount Kenya University.


Varsity Conducts 18th Graduation Ceremony Online

Varsity conducted it's 18th graduation ceremony on Friday 8th , October 2020, virtually.


18th-graduationThe usual pomp and color, the tiresome traffic, families bonding, celebrating and capturing every moment of it, the razzmatazz that accompanies graduation showing years of sheer sacrifice being rewarded in a single day, specifically hours, was conspicuously absent.


Resumption of face-to-face learning

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Pursuant to the University MEMO on resumption of face-to-face learning, Thika campus has been a beehive of activities with parents streaming in to admit their sons and daughters. Student leaders and continuing students have also been around guiding parents and students alike to various offices and giving a hand.


Mount Kenya University community continues to grow as new students eager to quench their academic thirst join their colleagues. Continuing students are urged to help freshmen acclimatize and settle in their new home.


The future is Digital; Adapt & Adopt E-learning

Why e-learning is good for you, the end of "ghost students"


One may wonder who are "ghost students" since the term "ghost" is majorly associated with workers who are paid for not working. Thanks to corona virus, it has and will put and end to (ghost students) eventually leading to well read students as more (students) will be required to put in extra effort in their studies.


Normally, September as is with January and May Intakes, the University is streaming with new students famously referred to as "freshmen" escorted with parents, guardians, sponsors, siblings to start a new life in the University. This year however, it has been different since the arrival of Corona virus since all registration and learning will be done online. It clearly shows us why change is inevitable and the need to adapt, fast.


For most students, until the introduction of biometrics (in class) the learning process was perhaps largely a lecturer affair;- show up in lecture halls- project notes - teach- issue cats and administer exams, with students only showing up for lectures at their own convenience and later for examinations. This encouraged and to an extent created "The Absentee student" whereby students would miss lectures then show up for CATs and examinations.