Mount Kenya University has embraced creating agriculture based solutions that include theoretical training of agriculture related courses and practical solutions driven by engineering such as smart scarecrow, gasifier, Granulator, solar drier among others.

These innovations have been ranked among the best in the recently concluded Meru and Machakos national ASK shows where they scooped “ The Best Innovation and Invention “ award.

During Machakos national show the University was also ranked as the third best on interpreting the current show theme (education and/or Research ) category.

David-Kimani Mount Kenya University Engineering Student posing with the certificate and trophy that the University won for the best innovation and invention.

This years theme is “Promoting Climate, Smart Agriculture and Trade Initiative for Economic Growth”. The University showcased the following innovations which are targeted towards creating positive impact in agriculture

i. Project one: CNC Machine (computer numerical control).

A project that involves designing and constructing a system that automates precise machining tasks using computer programming, it integrate hardware and software components, including motors, controllers, and computer-aided design (CAD) software to enable the machine to create intricate parts from materials like metal, plastic, and wood with high accuracy.

ii. Project two: Disc Pelletizer/ Granulator.

Used for converting powdered materials into uniform, round pellets. Widely used for producing round granules of organic and compound fertilizer, convenient for transportation and storage. The device utilizes a non-pressure approach to agglomeration and work by tumbling material on a rotating disc, with a binding agent and feedstock being continuously added. The binding agent causes the fines seed pellets, when utilizing a pre- conditioning step, to become tacky and pickup additional fines as the material tumbles against itself.

iii. Project three: bio-char processor.

Mount Kenya University Meru campus Director, Md. Karen receiving the ” best innovation and invention” trophy during Meru ASK show

The down moving biomass is first dried by the up flowing hot product gas. After drying, the solid pyrolysis, giving char which continues to move down, then carried upward by the up flowing hot product gas.

iv.  Project four: hybrid solar drier.

A mixed mode solar cabinet drier where both direct and the indirect solar energy collected in the chamber heats up the organic products. The directed solar energy collected inside the chamber heats up the fresh produce, and dehumidifies them into dry produce.

v.   Project five:  Solar powered moving scarecrow.

Detects any bird or animal through the motion sensor placed in its head, which in turn activates the multi-link motion system and produce any prerecorded sound to scare away the animal. The integration of solar panels and a battery allows the system to be completely off grid. This also has the feature to detect the water level and smoke in the field.

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