Mount Kenya University Hockey team

Mount Kenya University (MKU) is arguably one of the youngest teams in the Hockey National men’s league in Kenya. Having started not so long ago. Both the men's and ladies' are young upcoming teams which have shown tremendous growth and love for the sport over the years.

The men’s team dates back to 2008 when it was started with not more than six players which included captain Antony who currently is through with his studies, with no hockey field nor kits for training, players bought their own sticks and shin guards recalls Erick Kebira, one of the senior players.


Since then, the team has grown and achieved enviable fetes owing to the support received from the University. As at now, players have the privilege of getting equipment from the school, a factor which has facilitated great improvements in the individual talents as well as the overall performance as a team.


The team boasts of a number of achievements in the past few years, among them are players who have been played for the National team.


MKU Football Teams

In our Sports feature this week, our lenses are zoomed in on Outdoor Games, specifically Football. The most loved sport in the world is also available at Mount Kenya University. We are lucky to have both Football Men and Ladies sides. 

It is worth noting that co curricular activities help maintain balance in the busy academic life further, boost mental and physical health, horning your talent notwithstanding.



Meet Lul Abdullah

In our academic programmes feature this week, our focus shifts to Medical School whereby we’ll know more about the programme and interact with the pioneer class which officially finished the course last week.


Mount Kenya University started offering Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) programme back in 2014 , being the 3rd institution to offer the program outside Nairobi.


Last week saw the pioneer class call it a day after years of hardwork. We interacted with young enthusiastic and passionate Medical doctors from diverse extractions to share their story.


Meet Jactone Tindi Odera

Jactone Odera speaks on why we should all join a dance group this year.


“Co curricular activities play a major role in mental health” Jactone Odera

Last year was a challenging year for all and sundry. With governments the world over establishing and enforcing COVID-19 rules and guidelines through curfews, mandatory wearing of face masks, public campaign and awareness of regular hand washing and social distancing.

Employees were also required to work from home as learners embraced online learning. With the larger population forced to stay indoors, last year shot boredom levels over the roof leading to sedentary lifestyle. As the semester stretches with ending of Sept/Dec 2020/2021 exams, a busy semester awaits. Reminiscent of that, it's important that you engage in co curricular activities to combat the stress arising from studies.

Jactone Tindi Odera 4th year Clinical Medicine and Community Health student passionate about dancing shares his thoughts on what he loves and why we should all join start dancing or at least participate more in co curricular activities.