UNESCO is set to launch O3 Plus (Our Rights, Our Lives, Our Future) project .The O3 plus project is dedicated to ensure that young people in higher and tertiary education institutions in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe realize positive health, education and gender equality outcomes through sustained reductions in new HIV infections, unintended pregnancy and gender based violence.

The project which will be launched on 30th September 2021 is set to be piloted at Mount Kenya University and University of Nairobi while working closely with relevant regional structures, national ministries, higher and tertiary education institutions (HTEIs), and key partners,

UNESCO will support innovation to promote health & wellbeing, and sexual & reproductive health (SRH) services for HTEI students while advocating for policy and practice changes to make campuses safe and inclusive learning environments for students and staff.

The project will be delivered through four complementary pillars or work streams:

  1. Institutional strengthening for sustainability
  2. Student health and well-being
  3. Safe and inclusive campus environments
  4. Evidence-building and knowledge-sharing platform.

Mount Kenya University is the United Nations Academic (UNAI) SDG Hub 10 on Reduced Inequalities.

The O3 Plus project will contribute directly to the health, education and gender Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the specific targets for these, while also contributing to the achievement of other key SDGs, especially those related to poverty, hunger, peaceful and just societies.

The impact envisaged by the 03 plus project is that higher and tertiary education students in the participating institutions will enjoy improved sexual and reproductive health, enabling them to reach their full educational potential and contribute more effectively to the development of their countries and region as graduates, professionals and young leaders.

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