Invitation for Students at Thika main campus to register for STEP

The Students Training for Entrepreneurial Promotion (STEP) has been introduced at MKU. STEP at MKU ( or STEP@MKU) shall target the 2nd year students from any degree program at Thika Campus to start with as a pilot project before it is introduced at other campuses.

STEP is offered in about 15 countries throughout the world by Leuphana University (Germany). In Kenya, it is offered in collaboration with Kenya National Commission for UNESCO (KNATCOM-UNESCO) and the hosting university (MKU in this case).

This is the introductory pilot project hence will only involve 2nd year students at Thika Campus from across all Degree programs.


Yusuf Usman Peace Abstract

Peace is the major teaching of every religion. Peace and security are basic principles upon which religion is formed. No religion embraces violence. Looking at the concept of peace and security from the perspective of various religions, they had been emphasized as core values for followers. Although there are many religions advocating for peace and security, the study shall focus on one major religion, Islam. The word Islam is derived from the Arabic word silm, meaning peace. It also means total submission to the will of Allah (God), and a total way of life. In this paper, Islam has been chosen because it has been wrongly associated with violence, extremism, and terrorism.


Examination Irregularities and Penalties.

Please note the following vital information with regard to examination irregularities and penalties. This is the updated version captured in Schedule I of the MKU Statutes and Schedules.

A. Examination Irregularities

  • A candidate found guilty of any examination irregularity shall be subjected to appropriate penalties as will be determined by Senate.

In every school, there shall be a student disciplinary committee, which will be responsible for investigation of alleged examination malpractices and make recommendation to Senate through the respective Departmental and School Academic Boards.

  • The academic malpractices listed below shall constitute examination irregularities:

a) Advance access to examination papers.
b) Copying or reading from another candidate’s script or from any other unauthorized sources e.g. body parts.
c) Possessing any written materials relevant to the examination in the examination room.
d) Passing or receiving relevant verbal, written or electronic communication to or from other candidates or any other source during the examination.
e) Returning examination booklets with written answers after the examination.
f) Possession of unauthorized electronic gadgets in the examination room (including phones).
g) Plagiarism i.e. using words or ideas of another person as if they were one’s own without due acknowledgement in a report or thesis.
h) Contravention of acceptable order in an examination room such as unauthorized noise and conversations.
i) Abetting/aiding or covering up an examination malpractice.
j) Lobbying for undeserved examination grades.
k) Forging or using medical reports in order to obtain a deferment of examinations.
l) Impersonation


MKU students awarded “best diplomat of the year “ by AFROMUN 2017

majook-makur---academic-affairsMajok Makur Malak former Academic Affairs Minister MKUSA 2016/2017 has been awarded as the BEST DIPLOMAT OF THE YEAR due to his passion about Africa and his leadership ability to negotiate with other diplomats from other countries.

He was among students delegates who represented Mount Kenya University at the AFROMUN took place on March 6th-10th at the United Nation office in Nairobi Kenya which hosted over 500 delegates across Africa where he represented The Republic of Rwanda at the Africa Union (AU) summit.

Majok, who was the chairperson of PAN AFRICANIST GROUP in the conference has also been nominated to join Mandela worship by Young Africa Leaders Initiative (YALI) Regional leadership center in Nairobi- Kenya.
Mount Kenya University is not only an academic excellent but a mentor for future leaders, the varsity has one of the strongest students association in the region.

Congratulations to Majok Makur Malak, Well done!!!