Meet Christian Nathaniel Nabie

"Emerging to be the best player out of over two hundred players in the league is not a mean achievement and I attribute it to God who made it all possible, consistency in performance and the determination to play even better each day" Christian says

He adds "This award has made feel appreciated and motivated me to get a better performance in the forthcoming season and to surpass my previous goals tally. Then Since hockey is a team sport, most of the credit goes to the coach and fellow teammates because they are the ones who encourage and supported me through each and every match"
Christian Nathaniel Nabie narrates his journey in hockey as one that begun in his early years growing better in form and shape as he proceeded for his O level education. His star has shone even brighter after joining Mount Kenya University to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Medicine & Surgery. Christian plays for MKU VAMPIRES- MKU Thika Campus Hockey team.

" I started playing hockey with my elder brother and friends in my home town 12 years ago while in standard 7. At that time I had a few basic skills and didn’t take part in any competitive matches until when I joined Friends school Kamusinga two years later. In my first three years at the school we managed to win two silver medals at the national competitions and two silver medals at the East and central Africa championships hockey title. Afterwards I joined Mount Kenya university where I turned up for the university side for two years before moving on to play for Nairobi Sikh Union Hockey Club until a year ago when I resolved to come back and play for the University side since the academic demands had made it tough for me to keep playing for the Nairobi based club.

With such a big heart for Hockey and Medicine, one wonders how the tall, dark and calm chap keeps his cool in balancing the two. "To be honest, it has been an uphill task demanding a lot of sacrifice, hard work and dedication. I made a commitment to ensure that none of the two things that I love doing suffers because of the other. The trick lies in having a good support system on both sides and adequate planning of my time. I tend to allocate most of my time to my studies and up to 6-8 hours a week to hockey, however I spend most of my Saturdays playing the sport" he explains.


It has not been a smooth path for Christian though. A shoulder dislocation saw him miss out for 9 months straight. "Main challenges that I have come across are, injuries - with my worst being a shoulder joint dislocation that had me restricted to the side lines for up to 9 months, that was such a nightmare!. And juggling between matches and end of year exams but through proper planning I tend to cope quite well.


But even so, Christian's indomitable spirit defies all those challenges in a statement wrapped with hope, determination, resilience and a spirit to be better. " I believe such moments are meant to make you stronger thus after complete recovery I always train twice as hard so that I can hit the high levels of performance and never allow my studies to affect hockey and vice versa." Christian says this sternly.

"The passion and the love for the sport is all that keeps me going forward"
My role model in the sport is Allan Iningu alias “bobo”, whom I also managed to play alongside at Sikh Union Hockey Club Nairobi, he is one of the best midfielders the country has seen in the last decade.

The medical student whose looks up to Allan Iningu alias "Bobo" whom he has had the privilege to play alongside at Sikh Union Hockey Club Nairobi owes his growth in the sport to Mount Kenya University which has helped him soar higher in his career and talent.

"Mount Kenya University has been the vessel that has exposed my talent to everyone else through facilitating training sessions and matches at different levels. Without the university’s facilitation perhaps I would have stopped playing the sport. On the academic aspect, it goes without saying that all through the six years of medical school, the university has strived to provide the best to us(medical students).

Christian's win is a win for all of us and a challenge, too, to do anything that we put our mind to do and do it with a Midas touch.