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Academic Calendar for DIBeL students

Please note the following dates in the Academic Calendar:



Online registration for 1st Year 1st Semester  (December 2020 Intake) DIBEL students

26th - 28th November, 2020

Online Unit Registration, Training on Student Portal, Microsoft Teams & E-Learning Portals and Orientation for 1st Year 1st Semester  (December 2020 Intake) DIBEL students

30th November, 2020 to 4th December, 2020

Face- to-face tutorials for 1st Year DIBEL students  (August 2020 & December 2020 Intakes)

26th - 31st December, 2020

Special/ Supplementary Examinations for  January-April 2019/2020 (April 2020 examination Series) and May-August 2019/2020 (August 2020 examination Series) for Session 3 to Session 8 DIBEL students

28th - 31st December, 2020

End of Semester Examinations for September-December 2020/2021 (December 2020 examination Series) for DIBEL Students                                             

23rd January, 24th January, 29th January, 30th January  31st January, 2021

 Thank you.

 Dr. Ronald G. Maathai

Registrar, Academic Administration 

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