Plagiarism Policy Awareness Workshop

Training On Use Of Antiplagiarism Checker Software (turnitin®)

Plagiarism policy awareness workshop

The Directorate of Research, Grants and Endowments conducted a two-day training workshop on Plagiarism Policy at Mount Kenya University, Thika campus on 14th and 15th September, 2016. The aim of the training was to sensitize the academic staff members on the Plagiarism Policy as one of the University research roadmap document.Participants were lecturers across all academic Departments who play the pivotal role of supervising both undergraduate and postgraduate students to conduct research.


 The workshop facilitators included; Dr Francis W. Muregi (Director, Research, Grants and Endowments), Dr Ruth Thinguri (Dean, School of Education), Mr Justus Arita (Deputy Librarian) and Mr James Kiprono (Librarian Assistant).

Dr Francis W. Muregi took participants through University Plagiarism Policy where he discussed important clauses on the functionality of the document. He further outlined the role of academic staff members in ensuring successful implementation of the document for the betterment of Mount Kenya University academic fraternity. On the other hand, Dr Ruth Thinguri discussed the role of plagiarism in scholarly world and its effects on academic and research output. Dr Ruth Thinguri reminded the staff members on the importance of Mount Kenya University academic fraternity to avoid plagiarizing other scholar’s work and train students on producing original works to protect both personal and University image for quality research output.

Mr James Kiprono and Mr Justus Arita took participants through how to use “turnitin®”, a commercial plagiarism checker software. The participants were trained how to create their own account and be able to screen their documents for plagiarism. In addition, they were taken through steps of creating a class, inviting/recruiting students in “turnitin®” account, allowing students to submit their assignments and view plagiarism indices.