Fostering Regional Collaborations for Higher Education

The conference was organized by the Commission for Higher Education in Somaliland. Following a decade-long devastating war that destroyed all educational facilities and institutions from elementary schools to Universities, the installation of peace has seen universities in Hargeisa thrive again. The theme of the conference was ‘Fostering Regional Collaborations for Higher Education.’
Mount Kenya University was represented by Prof John Nderitu-DVC, Linkages & Resource Mobilization and Dr. Nancy Cheseto, Deputy Director, Linkages Monitoring & Evaluation.
Gulu University which has collaboration with Mount Kenya University was represented by the Vice Chancellor Prof Nyeko Pen Mogi. The participating institutions agreed to:

  1. Establish joint technical team to formalize/legalize bilateral/multilateral agreements (Policy and Legal framework)
  2. Hold a Forum in Kenya to engage more universities
  3. Develop strategy for research Collaborations and Partnerships
  4. Develop a strategy for resource mobilization strategy for sustainability of research and exchange programmes