MKU has continued to attract a large number of both Government and self-sponsored students

MKU is a progressive, groundbreaking university that serves the needs of aspiring students and a devoted top-tier faculty who share a commitment to the promise of accessible education and the imperative of social justice and civic engagement doing good and giving back to the society. The University’s coupling of health sciences, liberal arts and research actualizes opportunities for personal enrichment, professional preparedness and scholarly advancement.

Career services

Free career counselling in high schools by MKU career office. MKU is among the universities that have established the office of career services as required by the ministry of education to offer career mentorship to potential and continuing students. This makes it easy for high school students to be empowered with functional information on post-secondary training that relates with the career opportunities upon graduation.

Rich Academic menu

The University’s academic programmes are innovative and responsive to the immediate and long-term national and international scientific and technological needs. The Commission for University Education has accredited over 164 academic programmes. MKU admits both Government-sponsored and self –sponsored students.


The university has the following schools:

  1. School of Pharmacy,
  2. Medical School,
  3. School of Nursing,
  4. School of Clinical Medicine
  5. School of Public Health
  6. School of Business and Economics
  7. School of Pure and Applied Sciences
  8. School of Law
  9. School of Education
  10. School of Social Sciences
  11. School of Computing and Informatics
  12. School of Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Management
  13. School of Engineering, Energy and the Built Environment
  14. School of Graduate studies

Mount Kenya University consistently provides relevant programmes and practice-based learning experiences to fulfill the ever-changing needs of its students, its community and the 21st century workforce. Its slogan unlocking infinite possibilities in students from all backgrounds and Quality Assurance mechanisms as MKU is ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems certified has borne fruits.

Active participation in community outreach programmes

The University through Research, Innovation and Community outreach programmes has impacted communities positively through extension of services. The university has a charitable arm- MKU Foundation mandated to manage an endowment fund that supports scholarships, community outreach investments and infrastructural development.

Synergetic Partnerships

To facilitate Industry- Academia linkages, MKU has forged synergetic partnerships with local, regional and international Universities, industries, public and private institutions. Currently the University has over 100 partnerships and linkages at local, regional and international levels.

High profile and image of the university: One of the top ranked University nationally and regionally as indicated below:

  1. MKU Medical school rated the First by East African Community partners state audit by EAC medical practitioners and Dentists councils/ boards
  2. MKU is among the top 10 Universities in Kenya- Webometric and i4CU rankings.
  3. Corporate Staffing Services Limited Ranking- MKU graduates among the top 10 most preferred by employers.
  4. MKU digital Repository is ranked position 3 in Kenya
  5. Mount Kenya University is among the top 100 universities in Africa- UniRank
  6. Madison insurance survey on Higher Education rated MKU as the most    affordable institution and a leading private university in Kenya in terms of number of programmes on offer and students population.
  7. MKU ranked the fourth best Kenyan university in sports, CPS International survey.
  8. Mount Kenya University top the List of Science offering Institutions in the private category, CPS International.
  9. Mount Kenya University ranked at position 2 and 4 in Facebook and Twitter respectively according to 4ICU Ranking.

International recognition: The University is fully chartered, and is ISO 9001:2015 certified, meaning that it is committed on compliance with international standards on quality.

Other reasons include

  1. Continuity in learning even in emerging crisis due to the E-Learning facilities: Offering open ,distance and e-learning programmes that eliminate residential requirement and reduce costs of education.  Wi-Fi internet  is accessible in all the campuses. The Pandemic did not stop learning at MKU.
  2. Career placement: The University produces highly skilled graduates who are employable. Others go into self-employment and create jobs.
  3. Multicultural diversity: The University recognises the diversity of its student population and develops talents through organising of cultural events. There is unity in diversity. The university allows inclusion of all and is a United Nations Academic Impact global hub of SDG 10: Reduced inequalities
  4. Embracing the concept of internationalization of higher education.
  5. Practical training and accredited market- driven programmes
  6. MKU graduates are highly absorbed into the job market and others become job creators. Entrepreneurship skills and other life skills imparted to all our students
  7. Referrals/ recommendations from parents, students, Alumni and staff from their experience at  Mount Kenya University
  8. Affordable fees and Convenient fees payment mode: Affordable and flexible fees payment in easy percentage instalments of 40:20:20:20
  9. Accessible campuses: Students have a choice to study from any of its accredited campuses in Kenya and other countries, hence increased access to and equity in university education plus Digital varsity.
  10. Superb staff: Qualified and committed teaching and non-teaching staff.
  11. Academic resources: Well-equipped Science and IT laboratories, Library, Postgraduate Centre and other academic resources.
  12. Flexible study options: Flexible modes of learning, which include fulltime, digital learning, Institution-based learning, part-time (evening and weekends).
  13. Transition rate: Students are able to complete their courses within the stipulated time. Students’ academic progress is monitored and evaluated on a continuous basis. trimester system also allows acceleration
  14. Student welfare support: For the convenience of the students, the University has in place accommodation facilities and a student centre that houses a restaurant serving international cuisine. The university also has a gym and a salon/barber shop. There are also shops for the basic needs of students, laundry and dry cleaning services. The integrated sick bay offers basic health services and ensures a healthy environment for the University community. The sporting and recreation activities at the university vary and include rugby, football, tennis, volley ball, athletics, swimming and others such as drama.
  15. Academic/Social trips: The University has in place a fleet of buses. Transport is always available for academic and social trips.
  16. Academic exchanges: Students’ benefit from academic exchanges with foreign and local institutions of higher learning.
  17. Graduate Enterprise Academy:  A platform offered free of charge by the University Board of Directors to assist students & Alumni to be job creators rather than job seekers.
  18. Security: Enhanced security in the University and within its environs through 24-hour CCTV camera surveillance and night patrols by security agencies. This is also enhanced by Biometric Access Control
  19. Automation of university processes to enhance service delivery.
  20. Gender balanced university