Meet Thierry Ishimwe Patrick Rwandese studying in Kenya

Born in the western province of Rwanda to a family of three, 22 year old Pharmacy student demonstrates his love for basketball, passion for Pharmacy, overcoming language barrier and Love for Kenyan food.
Meet- Thierry Ishimwe Patrick, Pharmacy Student with love for Basketball

" The first challenge is language barrier. Some patients come speaking in their local dialect and some in Swahili. During the my first weeks it was challenging but with time I learned by seeking help from colleagues and learning basic words. My Swahili is not that good but I can hear most of the words. It has been an exciting experience". I have learnt a few Kikuyu words like " Ndeithie" " Rucio" my attachment has been wonderful. " I now go back for final two semesters to complete my Pharmacy degree."


Meet Mercy Kivali Nduku

Mercy NdukuMeet Mercy Kivali Nduku- Intern at Machakos Level 5

"Everyday is a learning day. The challenges I face keep me on my toes. Striving- each day, to be the most resourceful pharmacist I can ever be"

Memory Lane- Chancellor's Tower
Just as you exit the Students' Center towards the gate near the flyover, on your left is a towering 9 floor building with the words "Chancellor's Tower" atop the building. Words which would later own the building that stands as a monument to the tremendous growth and success Mount Kenya University has scored over the years in it's commitment to offer quality and affordable education to all.


Supa Sato : Tusome, Tucheze , Tufurahie

Tusome, Tucheze , Tufurahie : Supa Sato lives true to it’s meaning, Super!

After a long wait and rigorous preparations of the yearly "Supa Sato", It all went down this past weekend at Happy Valley Grounds- MKU, Thika Campus attracting the largest crowd since the inception of SUPA SATO.


The games began at exactly 8:00am With a football cracker between Galactics Fc Vs Meru Fc. Escorted by ululations, cheers filled the sky as buoyant supporters supported their side with all their might.
As the day hurried towards evening, more games were played. The Sack race attracted the most cheers and laughter as competitors tried to elbow out one another to the finish line.


Meet George Camillus Medical Student and Basketball Player

George Camillus

 The Vicious cycle of George Camillus "Camyl": "yes you can!"

" Med school and Basketball has been hard. It's been hell balancing all of them. But it's manageable" Camyl opens up. "

I get drained physically and sometimes emotionally"

In her Commencement address at Wellesley College, Barbara Bush touched on many issues synonymous with Commencement speeches. The most interesting bit is captured in these words . She said; " I hope that many of you will consider making three very special choices.