Booking Procedure

Procedure of allocation of internal hostels:

One has to check with the Central Catering and Accommodation Services (CCAS) manager on the availability of rooms within the hostel. The office is attached to the kitchen of the internal hostels.
If rooms are confirmed available, they make payments by depositing the required sum of money into the Accommodation Bank Account.
Kindly note that there this is a separate account from that used for tuition fee payment.
The bank slip is presented to the University accounts department for receipting
One is allocated a room upon presenting a receipt confirming hostel payment to the CCAS manager. Only the CCAS manager or her assistant allocate rooms to students.
Meal cards issued to the students who are allocated rooms within the hostel to enable them take meals at the dining hall.

Procedure of allocation of external hostels

The hostel providers are invited to the university during student In-Take sessions. They are provided with a working desk.
A student is referred to the desk of external hostel providers by the CCAS manager.
The student and guardian interact with the hostel providers and opt for the one they prefer.
They are taken to view the hostel by the hostel provider or their representative.
If they are satisfied with the hostel facility, then they make the necessary payments
If not satisfied with one particular hostel then they can try out any of the other hostel providers.


NOTE: Payment is only made upon satisfactory consideration of the hostel by the client and NOT before.