Nimo Mohamed

Meet the 19 year Old Journalism and Mass Communication Sophomore living her dream in Mount Kenya University

Her mantra? "you choose what you want and go for it no matter the obstacles you come across"


Nimo Mohamed doing what she loves best at the University’s Indoors ArenaWell, it is hard to spot a female in the entertainment circles. Even when you do, they have surely passed through a baptism of fire to reach there. It’s not the case with MC Nimo. She has found an environment that has acted as a rung in her academic and acting career. In a field dominated by the male gender, the journey of Nimo Mohamed rekindles the hope and fire amongst ladies that, ladies can too do it. And she’s not stopping any time soon.

Meet Nimo Mohamed who hails from Maua, Meru County. She is a sophomore, an actor and MC. She doubles up as the first female MC and first female Somali MC in the University. A fete she's proud and humbled to achieve. Her love for acting has seen her represent the University and won awards.

She knew what she wanted to be from the beginning - becoming the best at what she does!

She narrates her experience in the University as one that has changed her and opened opportunities for her.
"When I joined Mount Kenya University last year January, I did not want to be a routine student. I wanted to do more than just routine. That is why i joined the University drama and music team which really keeps me busy and helps me grow my talent". She says this with alot of energy and enthusiasm that tells us alot about her dedication and love towards what she commits to do.


She does not shy away from addressing the challenges she's facing in her path to finding her voice in the acting and Mc'eeing industry. "The main challenge is being a minor. People look at me and ask questions, why are you exposing yourself to all this staff whereas you come from a conservative community?" She shares. “My family, friends and fans support me. And that's what matters" she adds.


But this has not deterred or slowed down her journey to becoming a Julie Gichuru, Amina Rabar or Janet Mbugua who she looks up to locally. Nimo traces her love towards acting primary through high school where used to recite poems

"Well I have always loved acting since i was a child. Watching soap operas in our local Tv stations really inspired me to act but I never got the chance to ever act since both my primary and secondary did not have enough resources to stage a play in school, but I used to recite poems in both primary and high school" Nimo recalls nostalgically.


And when she joined Mount Kenya University to pursue Journalism and Mass Communication, She was the happiest of all. As it gave her a chance to fulfill her childhood dream. Nimo attributes her talent growth to the platform Mount Kenya University has given her. "Mount Kenya University has given me the platform to showcase what I am made of and I am hankful for that" She concedes. True to it's word, Unlocking infinite Possibilities.

She reminds me that prefers hosting official events for her Mc'eeing . Her hobbies include travelling and reading. She is currently reading The Last Black Unicorn by Tiffany Haddish.

A word for the Ladies and upcoming artists
To all the ladies out there, go for what you love, do things the right way, work hard and you will reap big. Ladies should come out and be the best at whatever they wish to be. Nimo opines strongly.

"Your dreams are valid and never give up on whatever you do and do it the right way"

She’s rising up alone; she plans to mentor more ladies. "Being the first female Mc in my University i wish to mentor many more girls"

The journey of Nimo Mohamed continues to stir hope in every lady, just like Ilhan Omar in America, to believe in herself and pursue her dreams despite the odds being against them.

The University will continue to support and give you the platform to Unlock Infinite Possibilities in your academia & talent.