Student Security

Like any other town in Kenya, Thika has its own security challenges. Thus there is a need for both On-campus and Off-campus security management.

On campus security

The threats involve theft of personal properties of the students, staff and the university by either some students or outsiders.

The following measures have been put in place:

  1. There is a chief security officer who coordinates all matters concerning security.
  2. Security officers have been posted at strategic places within the university compound
  3. CCTVs have been installed in sensitive areas within the institution.
  4. Lockable cabinets have been introduced in the new hostels
  5. A double locking system has been introduced in the hostels

NB: Students are advised to take care of themselves, their properties and that of the university. Students are expected to respect other peoples properties at all times and utilize the universities facilities responsibly.

Any incidence of insecurity or loss of property should be reported to the security office.