Meet Jactone Tindi Odera





Health benefits of dancing


  • Improved condition of your heart and lungs
  • Increased muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness
  • Increased aerobic fitness
  • Improved muscle tone and strength
  • Weight management
  • Stronger bones and reduced risk of osteoporosis
  • Better coordination, agility and flexibility
  • Improved balance and spatial awareness
  • Increased physical confidence
  • Improved mental functioning
  • Improved general and psychological wellbeing
  • Greater self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Better social skills.

What is your name?

Jactone Tindi Odera


When did you start this club, does it have a name?

Back in 2019. Its called Dance With Freestate


Which course are you pursuing and which year are you?

Bachelor in Clinical Medicine and Community Health, year 4, 2nd semester


Being a medical student, how do you juggle the two?

Life is all about balance. Since my lectures consume most of the time I use dancing to break monotony. Moreover I put God first.


I love dancing, it's my second love after medicine.


What can you advise your colleagues who may perhaps say "they don't have time for co-curricular activities”?


Co curricular activities play a major role in mental health. There are many other co curricular activities students can engage in, however, as a dancer, I recommend they join us weekly from 5:30PM at the Studio Room and learn how to dance.


January- May intake 2021 freshmen are still in their freshmen pajamas, do they know about this dance group? What does one need to join?


They are aware and we will roll out more posters to publicize it ( Dance with Freestate ) I've received requests for dance classes through calls and referrals from their seniors. On that note, they can reach me directly during our weekly training in the Studio Room or book through the dance group's Instagram account.


When and where does the group meet?

Monday Wednesday and Friday from 5:30pm at the Studio Room ( Student's Center )


Do you belong to any dance group? Any notable achievements?

Yeah, Freestate Dance Team which I am the founder.

Under my leadership we've been able to represented Mount Kenya University in regional, provisional and national level and managed to bag medals. In addition to that, my dance group has featured in a video shoot of top Kenya artists.

Upon resumption of normal training, what measures have you put in place to ensure MoH guidelines on covid-19 are observed?


No admission without a face mask. Those interested in joining us will be required to have a face mask (mandatory ) and sanitizer (optional ). Politely,
Additionally, to observe physical distancing, we'll be having three ( 3 ) classes instead of one ( 1 ) to ensure that we achieve 1.5m physical distancing as directed by WHO & Ministry of Health. I’d like to encourage my fellow students to participate, more in co curricular activities to break off the monotony from books.