Joy Akinyi, MKUSA Vice President 2020/2021 take on COVID -19 pandemic

The 4th year Economics & Statistics student tears through her COVID season. She narrates,

"First and foremost I have learnt the importance of basic hygiene such as washing hands, and not only for covid but for good health. I have also learnt the power of having good health lies with an individual.

Lastly, this COVID season has taught me to always be prepared for anything in life, save as much as you can because you never know what tomorrow holds. Right now so many are in hunger because they couldn't save that 100 or 200 Bob. Save as much as you can. She continues,

"The quarantine period has been a time or reflection and learning. I wake up at 5:30am everyday and start off my day with a vigorous exercise. and something I have had to learn is consistentcy and commitment.

The Vice President has learned a new skill, too.

"I have learnt how to make Maasai beads". "I have learnt how to cook so many meals. I have also learnt how to plait hair". She also adds,

"All these are skills that might not seem helpful now but later in life they will come through for me. So I have been quiet busy during quarantine compared to other days"

I also help in cleaning the church thrice a week because they hold online services in the church on Wednesday and Sunday.

My two best books to read in this season would be Smart Money Woman by Arese, Look Great Feel Great by Joyce Meyer, Fatherhood Principles by Myles Munroe and Becoming by Mitchell Obama.


He message to Students?

This period is an opportunity to grow. Do not come out of this season the same way you were in March. Read, watch, exercise, learn new skills and try out new things that you have never done. This is actually a time to discover yourself, your potential.


During this season, I urge all of us to Stay at home, Sanitize and Keep a Social distance. God bless you all.