MKUSA Elections Kick off

The commission led by it's Chair, Christopher a 3rd year pursuing Public Relations and Christian Union Chair whose philosophy is grounded on professionalism, ethics, human emphathy. "I have always had one cardinal rule in my life. Whatsoever my hands find to do, I do it to the utmost best level and for the honor and glory of God. I achieve this by employing my natural gifts, professionalism, passion and above all emphathy to humanity" Chris says. " Together with my team we plan to deliver the best service to our colleagues with maximum efficiency" he adds.

In a generation with fingerprints of corruption, moral decadence, unethical practices the new chair offers hope and direction , reaffirming the Obama philosophy of "Yes We Can"

"As this year's chair , my focus is not etched in leaving a legacy, but an empowered ,dynamic and a more selfless workmanship that thrives not on personal ambition, exploitation and vexation but rather leave a generation that is open minded and that is a hope in such a dwindling moral decadence of this current society"

And yes! We can achieve free, fair and credible elections devoid of chaos and malpractices.

The University through the Dean of Students will provide the necessary support needed to enable the team deliver on it's mamandate.

Students are highly encouraged to conduct themselves responsibly during this electioneering period.