School of Social Sciences

School of Social Sciences


Humanities and Languages

Careers in the above two departments are:

Careers are available in health and learning institutions, correctional and rehabilitation facilities, government departments, non-governmental organisations and research organisations as:

  1. Psychologist
  2. Psychiatrist
  3. Counsellor
  4. Probation Officer
  5. Child Protection Officer
  6. Gender Officer
  7. Researcher
Department of Social and Development Studies

Graduates pursue a wide range of careers as:

1. Business consultants

2. Community development officers

3. Diplomats

4. Economic development advisors /officers

5. Economic policy analysts

6. Eco-tourism guide/agents

7. Foreign services officers

8. Government relations advisors

9. Immigration officers

10. International communications experts

11. International policy analyst

12. International youth worker

13. Markets researchers

14. Peace and Human right activists

15. Policy/political risk analyst

16. Program analysts

17. Project coordinators

18. Research assistant /researchers

19. Teacher/professors

20. Volunteer co-coordinator/recruiters

21. International policy analysts

22. International youth workers

23. Market researchers

24. Peace/human rights activists

25. Policy/political risk analysts

26. Programme analysts

27. Project coordinators

28. Research assistant/researchers


30.Volunteer Coordinator/Recruiters

Institute of Security Studies, Justice and Ethics

Career opportunities are to be found in the police, military, intelligence, security firms public administration governments agencies, non-governmental organisations and international organisations such as the United Nations as:

  1. Military officer
  2. Police officer
  3. Intelligence officer
  4. Prison and probation officer
  5. Immigration officer
  6. Programme officer
  7. Human right officer
  8. Security officer
  9. Administrator
  10. Lecturer
Department of Journalism and Mass Communication

Career opportunities exist in journalism, production, film making, corporates communications, public relations, communications consultancy and research, and diplomacy. Specifically, the following rewarding careers are available to graduates of the various certificate, diploma and Degree programmes in journalism and mass communications as:

1. Video editor

2. Reporter

3. photojournalist

4. Camera operator

5. Disc jockey

6. Print and broadcast editor

7. Sound technician

8. Studio technician

9. News anchor

10. Copy writer/advertising creative

11. Media researcher

12. Social media administrator

13. Photojournalist

14. Website content developer

15. Event organizer

16. Content developer (TV, radio, Online)

17. Graphic designer

18. Sound designer

19. Film producer

20. Film director

21. Film researcher

22. Cinematographer/videographer

23. Animator

24. Script writer

25.Creative Advertise

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