School of Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Management

School of Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Management

Hospitality Management

Travel & Tourism Management

Career Opportunities

Graduates in hospitality and travel are easily absorbed in the hotel and hospitality industry, travel and customer care, Including airlines companies, tour firms, national firms, national parks and game reserves, destination organizations, training institutions and research centers, museums, theme parks, nature parks, recreation centers, event companies and campsite.

1. Air cabin crew
2. Tour planner
3. Tour guide
4. Tour consultant
5. Reservationist
6. Air travel personnel
7. Event manager
8. Park and reserve warden
9. Curator
10. Air travel ticket manager
11. Tour manager
12. Air travel controller
13. Tourist information center manager

14. Travel agent
15. Events and conference Centre manage
16. Customer service manager
17. Tourism trainers
18. Institution manager (hotel manager)
19. Restaurant supervisor
20. Restaurant manager
21. Room division manager
22. Executive chef
23. Caterer  Waiter
24. Room attendant
25. Cabin crew/air hostesses/host

Unlocking Infinite Possibilities