Where do you see yourself working in the future? If you answer is in an industry you will probably be interested by this article. Here we will focus on working in manufacturing industry as a professional.

At the heart of any Industry we have business administrator who ensures that the business is running smoothly and keeps the marketing team on toes to make sure their products get new markets.  There is need for all key players in administration for successful running such as Managers, Communication and Public Relation Team, Marketing, Accountants and Finance, Procurement Officers, Office Administrators and Human Resource.

Just like most businesses, Industries requires high level of security which can be achieved through outsourcing of security services or hiring security personnel. To fit in this role the cradle requires different level of training from average to experts. Experts in this area require skill in either of the following:  Cyber Security, Network System administrator, security studies and criminology, peace studies and conflict resolution, justice and security studies and finally public administration & governance.

The nature of the company dictates the experts working in the production arm. This area may require one or more of these experts:

  1. Engineers

MKU engineering courses are essential to all industrial sectors in Kenya and around the world. Emphasis is placed on incorporating the latest technologies and ideas, and direct involvement of engineers from industry to ensure that our courses are industrially relevant and up-to-date. You will be trained to develop successful careers in environmental and electrical and electronic engineering. Mount Kenya University offers programmes in: Energy and environmental technology, petroleum and exploration and production, real estate management, bachelor of technology in computer and electronic systems, electrical and electronic engineering and medical engineering

  1. Computer experts

Computer manufacturing companies requires people who can assemble and manufacture different parts. This skill requires knowledge of Computer science, Information Technology, information systems.

Mount Kenya University has partnerships with global IT giants such as IBM and Oracle to make the courses even more industry-focused.

  1. Animal Feed Production

This area requires experts who can manufacture quality animal feeds and also medicine. To work in this field you can pursue your career in: Animal health and production, animal science, artificial insemination and Veterinary Medicine.

  1. Chemical Manufacturing

Career opportunities exist in laboratories, chemical manufacturing and processing industrial plants for paper, petroleum, plastic, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals. You can study any these programs to work in this are: Laboratory Technology, Industrial Chemistry

  1. Researchers

Career opportunities exist as scientists / researchers in research institutes and organizations when you study programmes under biological sciences include; Biotechnology, Environmental Science and Applied Biology.