My name is PETER MUEMA NZAMULI an employee of Teachers Service Commission-Kenya.  I was employed in the year 2010, since that time I have worked in several schools in Endau/ Mwitika zone, Mwitika division, Mutitu Sub -County in Kitui County.

In the year 2017 I decided to join Mount Kenya University to further my studies during my period of study, I went through research unit by lecturer -Agnes Kalenywa. After completion of the unit, I gained more writing skills of proposals and research projects.

Ngumbwa primary school is a catholic-sponsored educational facility registered under the Ministry of Education. It is located in Kawelu village, Kavingo sub- location of Mwitika ward, Mutitu sub- County in Kitui County.

The school was founded in the year 2009; the school enrolls pupils from Kawelu, Imuusi, Kyangeni and Kaluli, because the school is situated at a strategic place that borders all these areas.

The parents depend on cereal grains cultivated on small portions of land in a semi-arid region to cater for their basic needs.In September 2018, I was posted to Ngumbwa primary school as an acting head teacher to reopen this school, which had been closed down by Mutitu sub-county Director of Education together with the other officers from Mutitu Sub-county public health, due to poor state of the infrastructure, which was a health and safety hazard to the learners.

On my arrival, the school had six temporal classrooms, which were mud-walled and roofed by galvanized iron sheets. The buildings also posed health hazard to pupils especially during the cold seasons through a high likelihood of poisonous snakes finding shelter in the wall cracks. The temporal structures did not have doors. This allowed free flow of cold wind in the classrooms presenting adverse conditions that were not child-friendly.

In mitigation of the above stated problems, I wrote several proposals to seek funds from government, well-wishers and donors in order to set up modern classrooms, pit latrines and borehole. One among them was successful and the donor offered to build nine modern classroom, ten pit latrines and borehole.

However, the donor could only provide materials, which were not locally available and pay for labour. The donor required that, the parents to participate in providing sand, water and dig two pit latrines.

During this period when project was ongoing, the parents were unable to provide funds to purchase the materials, since there was famine. I was forced to use my own funds to a tune of Ksh.276, 275.00, in order to make the project successful and complete on time.

All the structures are currently operational and has improved learning environment and sanitation for the  learners.

Personally, I would like to appreciate a lot for knowledge that I have acquired from Mount Kenya University during my period of study, since I have really unlocked infinite possibilities to the learners, parents and entire community members of Ngumbwa primary school.

Finally God bless Mount Kenya University for equipping students in Kenya and all other parts of the world with relevant knowledge, skills and technology to solve current emerging issues in the modern societies.