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MKU Online Examination Instructions for Students

  • Purpose

To facilitate understanding and adherence to the online examination expectations and requirements.

  • Pre-online Examination Instructions

Students are advised to:

  1. Understand technical support to the online examination related to addressing technical problems / challenges.
  2. Understand variations in examination questions such as open or closed book, timed or not timed, tracking of time, scheduled or not scheduled examinations.
  3. Be aware that the online examination is proctored / invigilated.
  4. Ensure that computer to be used is in a good working condition before the examination time.
  5. That the link is https://assessement.mku.ac.ke/portal and ensure username and password are correct.
  6. Ensure you Change your password after the Initial login.
  7. Practice logging in the examination site before the examination.
  8. Be aware of information resource materials to use during the examination and those not to use.
  • Actual Examination Instructions

Students are advised to:

  1. Skim through all examination questions.
  2. Scroll and read all parts of a question.
  3. Answer the easiest question first in order to build confidence.
  4. Answer and save the answers for each question.
  5. Pay attention to time.
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