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Don’t panic, verify news from your portal

Mount Kenya University is committed to communicate timely and relevant information to students, staff and other university stakeholders through the following media:

  1. Website mku.ac.ke
  2. Student and Staff Emails
  3. Student portal
  4. Facebook: Mount Kenya University
  5. Twitter: @MountKenyaUni
  6. Television, Radio, Newsletters and Newspapers

Whenever you get information, please verify it to be true and relevant from the above sources before sharing. The Computer Misuse and Cyber Crimes Act of 2018, which includes clauses criminalizing “false information and publication of false information”, can be used to make arrests and charge persons allegedly engaged in spreading of Fake News.

Verify your dataVerify your data

University may also institute disciplinary measures to students and staff who contravenes university policies, statutes and schedules, rules & regulations

Mount Kenya University management is committed to continue offering all necessary support to ensure we seamlessly and sustainably overcome Covid -19 turbulent and challenging circumstances.

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