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MKU holds oathing ceremony for pioneer medical doctors

Mount Kenya University has today (17th March 2021) held a glamorous oathing ceremony for the first cohort of 24 Medical doctors. The medical doctors joined MKU in the year 2014 and are ready to proceed for internship in various hospitals having completed their 6 years of study.

The Hippocratic oath was administered by Dr. Eva Njenga, MBS Chair, Kenya Medical Practitioners & Dentists Council (KMPDC).MKU Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery( MBChB) training is regulated by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board and accredited by Commission for University Education.

The medical internship is a period of supervised practical work for medical and dental graduates in hospitals prior to registration as practitioners. Every intern shall be required to undergo an internship training program for a period of 13 months.

MKU pioneer medical doctors taking the hippocratic oathMKU pioneer medical doctors taking the hippocratic oath

MKU Pioneer medical interns will be required to undergo the internship period on rotational basis in the following areas.

  1. Internal Medicine including dermatology
  2. Surgery (ENT & Ophthalmology)
  3. Pediatrics & Child Health
  4. Obstetrics & Gynecology
  5. Mental Health
  6. Community Health

The medical doctors have undergone practical training in well-equipped science laboratory including Anatomy laboratory which is a Public-Private partnership between Thika Level 5 Hospital and Mount Kenya University.

MKU is a pace-setter in sciences and health programmes housed in the College of Health Sciences. MKU was the first private university to get accreditation to train Pharmacy and clinical medicine and has been ranked as the best Private University in Science in Kenya, CPS Research Ranking

An inspection by East Africa’s Medical and Dental Practitioners’ Boards and Councils rated MKU’s Medical School as the best teaching medical institution in the country

Here is the list of MKU Pioneer doctors who took oath today.

  1. Dr. Chelagat Mercy Koech
  2. Dr. Hellen Gathoni Kihoro
  3. Dr. Joy Gathei Kimamo
  4. Dr. Kioko Nthenya
  5. Dr. Simwa Wambui Florence
  6. Dr. Lul Sheikh Abdullahi
  7. Dr. Zuleikha Ibrahim Muslim
  8. Dr. Abdullahi Faiza Yusuf
  9. Dr. Kwamboka Oira Valerie
  10. Dr. Kirui Charity Chepkemoi
  11. Dr. Amdany Pius Barmogon
  12. Dr. Bancy Waithera Mbogo
  13. Dr. Daniel Sankale Lein
  14. Dr. Emmanuel Darlin Imbiakha
  15. Dr. Muhsin Abdullahi Hussein
  16. Dr. Mwachibua Sam Mwadzombo
  17. Dr. Ongwae George Davis
  18. Dr. Swaleh Eswam Abubakar
  19. Dr. Yunis Abdi Gulled
  20. Dr. Joseph Wanjala Siboko
  21. Dr. Mutea Nicholas Koome
  22. Dr. Salim Mariaka Ali
  23. Dr. Nabie N. Christian
  24. Dr. Nyaberi Keraa Maurine

MKU offers Affordable, Quality and Accessible education to all and is dedicated to impact the community through community outreach programs.

In the recent past, MKU has impacted Communities’ Health through:

  1. Establishing 8 newborn units and telehealth platform at hospitals in Bungoma County
  2. Marsabit and Kilifi County Anti-jigger campaigns
  3. Organized medical camps
  4. Community Clean up activity
  5. Water bag packs donation drive
  6. Restoration of Brackenhurst indigenous forest in Limuru
  7. Won KSh 450 million grant to fight malaria
  8. Light up Kiandutu slums by MKU Students
  9. Research on eradication of fruit-flies
  10. National Research funding on Covid and Locust research
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