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 Most competitive courses for self-employment

Are you looking for an academic programme that will give you a ready market practical training? Mount Kenya University houses many programmes that are ready to utilize in the current dynamic job market. These skills also enable you to start your own enterprise and start earning a living as soon as you graduate.  

Summary of practical marketable programmes offered at MKU 

  1. Journalism and Mass Communication 
  2. Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Management  
  3. Business  and Economics 
  4. Animal Health and Production  

The Journalism and Mass communication department has groundbreaking courses that reflect the transformed journalistic perspectives to include digital journalism and upcoming fields such as animation and social media journalism. You will learn from respected journalists and other industry experts, exploring what it means to work with new technologies in today’s multimedia newsroom and workplaces. The department has programs in journalism, public relations, animation and graphics, film studies, mass media and communication, corporate communications and media management. 

The school of Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Management programmes will open up a network of industry links, give you training in business management and develop you into an innovative, professional leader for the hospitality, travel and tourism industry. The School has ultra-modern facilities comprising training restaurants, demonstration kitchens, guest rooms, a fully furnished guest house, and a state-of-the-art laundry, tourism gallery, conference room, classrooms and offices. The students from the school also benefit from the European Union grant which sponsors two students every year to study at Vincent Pol University in Poland for five months on a fully sponsored Erasmus program. Programmes in this school include Hospitality Management, Culinary Arts, food production, food and beverages, Travel and Tourism Management and Travel and Tourism Operations. 

MKU’s School of Business and Economics is ranked as one of the top business schools in the region and offers academic programmes from certificate to Ph. D level. Our programmes prepare you for the employment needs of the expanding world of business and professional financial services. Whether you want a corporate career or to build your own business empire, we train you to be creative, analytical, bold and inquisitive . The School has three departments: Management, Accounting and Finance, and Economics.  

Department of Animal Health and Production offers competitive courses that equip you with knowledge and skills of taking care of livestock’s health, their diet & production and reproduction management. The department offers the following courses; animal Health and Production, Animal Science, Agriculture and Rural Development, certificate in artificial insemination. Graduates in Animal Health and Production have an opportunity to work in private clinical veterinary practice; Veterinary Pharmaceutical industry, scientific research, academia, animal and animal products industry, dairy industry; genetics and plants/animal breeding industry; and food processing 

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