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Varsity extends dons' jobs contracts after virus halts pay talks

Varsity has extended the contracts of staff and lecturers, overlooking the closure of the institution that had derailed talks on fresh employment agreements.

In a memo it had extended contracts for job terms that had lapsed or due for expiry until the re-opening of the institution.

The State in March ordered schools and universities to close in a series of restrictions to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Mount Kenya University reckon the closure derailed contracts talks, potentially blocking the release of salaries whose employment terms had expired.

“Covid-19 has affected normal operations where internal processes are followed to validate the renewals and there is a standing policy that inhibits the directorate of finance from processing salaries for the affected staff whose contracts have expired,” said a memo signed by MKU chairman and Founder Prof. Simon Gicharu.

“We direct the council to extend all contracts for all staff in and outside Kenya month by month until the university re-opens to enable the affected staff to renegotiate their contracts in the normal manner.”

As the economic fallout from the pandemic begins to bite, the closure of learning institutions had denied them main income from school fees.

The pay directive will benefit affected workers at MKU’s eight campuses in Kenya, four open learning centres in Kisii, Kakamega, Kitale and Meru, MKU Rwanda, country offices in Uganda, Somalialand, Puntland, Burundi and Uganda.

In March, MKU and Japan-based Osaka City University jointly won a Sh450 million grant from Japan International Cooperation Agency for malaria research. The funds will be deployed for research on malaria prevalence in Homa Bay.

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