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"Be patriotic to senior citizens" - MKU Chairman

Mount Kenya University Chairman Prof Simon Gicharu has called on Kenyans to exercise patriotism by paying homage to&nbsp;senior citizens, who served the country diligently.&nbsp;<br />
&nbsp;<br />
<img alt="Prof. Gicharu visits Prof Standa, his mentor at his home where he is retiring" src="/images/acyeditor/images/Prof.%20Gicharu%20visit%20Prof.%20Standa.PNG" style="margin: 5px; width: 450px; height: 366px;" /><br />
He was speaking when he met&nbsp;Prof Everett Standa, former Vice Chancellor, Kenyatta University, at his home in Webuye, Bungoma County, last weekend. &quot;Prof Standa is my mentor. He gave me moral support in the course of my journey,&quot; said Prof Gicharu, who was accompanied by MKU Council Prof. David Serem.<br />
&nbsp;<br />
Prof Standa, a giant in the local academia and university management circles, also served as the VC of The East African University. He is also former Chief Executive Officer, Commission for University Education. Prof Standa is also a published poet, some of his popular pieces being&nbsp;<em>I Speak for the Bush</em>,&nbsp;<em>Mother Nature</em>&nbsp;and That Other Life.<br />
&nbsp;<br />
During the visit, Prof Gicharu and Prof Serem were gifted with chicken, which is a great honour in the local Abaluhya culture. The two MKU officials wished Prof Standa good health in his retirement.<br />
<img alt="Prof. Gicharu received a gift from Prof. Standa" src="/images/acyeditor/images/Prof.%20Gicharu%20received%20a%20gift%20from%20Prof.%20Standa.jpeg" style="margin: 5px; width: 400px; height: 533px;" />​<br />
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