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Nkubu campus students shine at Music Festivals

Mount Kenya University students have showcased their well tapped talent in music by emerging the best in class 676 - Meru Folk Song.<br />
<br />
The regional competitions were held between 5<sup>th</sup> and 17<sup>th</sup> August 2019 at Kabarak University and now the qualifiers are now preparing to put their best feet forward at East Africa Gala to be staged in Fort Portal, Uganda .<br />
<br />
Mount Kenya University Institute of Films, Creative and Performing Arts is dedicated to tap on all students talents in Sports, Drama, Music and Arts.<br />
<img alt="" src="/images/acyeditor/images/Nkubu%20Students%20Shine%20at%20music%20Festival.jpg" style="width: 641px; height: 350px;" />
<div style="text-align: center;"><em>A section of Nkubu Students celebrating their win. Congratulations Nkubu campus students for shining at Music Festivals.</em></div>
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