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CSAK Holds Regional Workshop

Christian and Scientific Association of Kenya (CSAK) which is hosted by Mount Kenya University was formed through a grant won by the University in the year 2016. CSAK is located at 9th Floor of Alumni Plaza and it main role is to facilitate synergetic interaction between Science and the Christian Faith.

CSAK is currently a regional workshop where more than 300 delegates from Kenya, United Kingdom, Netherland, South Africa, Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria, Cameroon and Ghana have attended.
This year’s workshop is themed “Interaction of Science, Religion and Culture in Africa: Past, Present and Future Perspectives”.  
Delegates take a group photo to mark the regional conference at Ruiru Rainbow Hotel.The workshop started on 14th and ended on 16th of August 2019.

The Chief Guest is Reverend Canon Peter Karanja Mwangi while the other guests include:
  1. Prof. Marion Mutugi,
  2. Mr Reuben Kigame,
  3. Rev. Dr. Timothy Murere Njoya,
  4. Mr Reuben Kigame,
  5. Prof. Elizabeth Anne Bukusi ,
  6. Prof. Jesse Mugambi,
  7. Prof. Dr. Benno van den Toren,
  8. Prof. Joseph Galgalo,
  9. Prof. Andrew Briggs,
  10. Prof. Mwenda Ntarangwi,
  11. Prof. Kjell Tveter ,
  12. Prof. Isaiah Nengo,
Round Table Discussion Speakers included:
  1. Dr Philip Calcott,
  2. Dr Mercyline Kamande,
  3. Dr Irene Opoku-Ntim,
  4. Sr. Dr. Maria Goretti,
  5. Dr Alphonse Teyabe,
  6. Dr Megan Loumagne,
  7. Sr. Prof. Felicia Opara,
Prof. Kjell Tveter has donated two sets of books titled The Majesty and Mystery of Life and  The Little  Book of CREATION to CSAK office which have been distributed to all delegates, copies of this books will be available in the CSAK resource centre
Part of the books donated to CSAK

Science and Religion are the two most dominant forces affecting society world-over. Unfortunately, there are many who consider the two as conflicting and antagonistic with each other. Africa is a region where open disagreements between practitioners of faith and the social implementers of classical “products and services of science” have been fought overtly on issues ranging from contraception and immunization, inter alia.
A section of delegates as they follow proceedings.
One wonders how the discourse will be like on emerging issues in science including gene editing technologies using novel tools such as CASPR Cas-9, current advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning etc, and how the people of faith will relate with them. The Christian and Scientific Association of Kenya (CSAK) hold the view that both science and religion can co-exist harmoniously in a synergetic manner.

CSAK, the only Association of its kind in Africa is pioneering and fostering constructive dialogue between science and religion, and aims to build the capacity of the Kenyan people as well as those in the Region in the area of intersection between science and religion. The workshop overall objective is to expand the debate on science and religion in Kenya and in other African countries.

Prof. Francis Muregi
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