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MKU Awards Murang’a County Principal of the Year (POYA)

Mount Kenya University has awarded top performers from Muranga County during Muranga County Education day that was held on 17.6.2019 at Muranga Teachers College. MKU awarded the following areas:

  1. POYA 2018 (Principal of the Year Award)
  2. TOYA 2018 (Teacher of the Year Award)
  3. iTOYA 2018 (Innovative Teacher of the Year Award)
  4. VAP- Most Improved Student 2018

Mr Mbothu principal Gaichanjiru High SchoolMr Mbothu principal Gaichanjiru High School

The Principal Gaichanjiru High School, Mr. Mbothu was awarded POYA( principal of the year award 2019) while Most improved Student award was grabbed by Kamau Josphat Mwangi of Mioro Secondary School; Mr. Kamau also dubbed as the nationally most improved students in 2018.

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