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Mount Kenya University, Afyaswitchnet & Finders Keepers Sign an MoU

Mount Kenya University, Afyaswitchnet & Finders Keepers on Saturday (16th Feb. 2019) Signed a memorandum of Understanding at the Senate Boardroom where the institutions agreed to work together to improve the health status in the Country

MKU committed to provide opportunities for capacity building for physicians and allied health professionals in delivering robust, safe, and cost-effective Neglected Surgical Diseases (NSDs) treatment that will result in their eradication and the creation of Centers of Excellence at the county level in surgical equipment, trained health workforce, and mobile tele-health connectivity for fast-tracking patient pre-operative, surgical and post-operative care

Finders Keepers, LLC promotes surgical interventions that save lives and prevent permanent disability and life-threatening conditions. Finders Keepers LLC is committed to strengthening essential surgical and anesthesia care services as part of primary health coverage. Its primary founders are the co-founders of the Global Alliance for Surgical, Obstetric, Trauma and Anesthesia (G4 Alliance) and International Collaboration for Essential Surgery.

Benefits of the MoU

In order to facilitate cooperation between these two institutions the following areas for their collaboration were agreed on:

  1. Supporting the training of doctors to be involved in the treatment of:-
    • Children born with congenital defects and other conditions requiring surgical care.
    • Mothers suffering from obstructive labor complications such as obstetric fistula.
    • Trauma victims living with injuries that can be easily fixed.
  2. Eradicating the backlog of Neglected Sensory Diseases (NSDs), starting with neglected clefts in Meru County and thereafter, subsequent counties that indicate interest in the eradication program.
  3. Show success of the model for other disease verticals through final assessment/published results, advocacy events, political engagement at the national and global level and all other venues as deemed fit.  
  4. Through research and data analysis, provide data that will support counties in putting policies in place that will include NSDs under a ‘basic package of health services’ that ensures that all subsequent clefts and other NSDs identified in the region will be referred, and treated accordingly regardless of the individual’s ability to pay

This project will be hosted in the College of Health Sciences and spearheaded by its principal Dr. Joseph Njuguna. MKU College of health sciences has 5 schools which are Medical ,Pharmacy, Nursing, Public Health and clinical nursing.

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