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Varsity among top recipients of local research funding

MKU is among the top ten universities in research in the country. This is according to a survey conducted by research firm CPS International between May and June and released in August.

The survey ranks MKU second among private universities that received the highest amount of funds for research. MKU received 2.9 per cent of the research funds received by universities last year.

Dr. Jesse GitakaDr. Jesse GitakaA report on the survey shows that in the academic year 2017/2018, universities received approximately Sh1.85 billion from government for research funds.

They also got Sh1.16 billion from industry, donors and other sources.

Only three private universities appeared in the list of the top 10 universities category nationally.

The survey report explains that data was collected on the research status of all Kenyan universities. The exercise undertook to determine the impact, volume and value of research funding.

This, the report released this month says, “aimed at establishing the state of research funding and ranking universities nationwide. The study also sought to determine if the funds released by the national government, county governments, institutions, industry, NGOs and other donors were impactful.”

The study indicates that a university is required to have qualified staff to conduct and supervise research projects. It should have laboratories and incubators for experimentation.

Prof. Francis Muregi, MKU’s Director for Research, Grants & Endowments explains that the university has excelled in research due to deliberate measures put over the years to support staff and students in building a research culture.

“This began in 2011 with an internal research seed grant termed as the Vice Chancellor Research and Innovation Grant. This fund is meant for building capacity or scholar’s in the field of research.”

He lists the following as the reasons why the university has succeeded;

  • A robust Research Team
  • University management support inform of internal seed grants
  • Local and international collaborations and partnerships
  • Community-geared research: The focus of MKU research has been community focused, and donors have shifted their research funding from blue skies research to implementation research.
  • Multidisciplinary and multi-sectorial research
  • Products and services geared research
  • Incentives that include waiver of teaching for scholars committed to research based on University’s Balance between Teaching and Research Guidelines
  • Robust grant management and accounting system
  • Research monitoring and evaluation system

In its research undertakings, MKU has partnered with both local and international universities.

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