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ADM004 Principal Laboratory Technologist

The Principal Laboratory Technologist shall report to the Registrar, Academic Administration and will be responsible and accountable for all academic laboratories, ensuring that the relevant equipment are available, managing and supervision of relevant staff and participating in all strategic planning process in regards to the University's Laboratories.
Principal Responsibilities are:

  1. Supervision of all laboratory staff and all the activities of the Laboratories.
  2. Duty allocations, discipline, training schedules, running of class demonstration, leave schedules.
  3. Requisition for additional laboratories, Equipment/Apparatus and modification/redesigning of Laboratories, in consultation with the chief laboratory technologists,
  4. Ensuring that laboratories and equipment are properly maintained.
  5. Preparation of Annual laboratory budgets in consultation with heads of departments, chief technologists and senior Technologists.
  6. Co-coordinating laboratory training programmes and workshops/ seminars and participating in international workshops/ seminars.
  7. Designing and supervising implementation of quality laboratory policies, strategies and procedures.
  8. Preparation and evaluating work plans.
  9. Supervising overall planning of laboratory programmes and the junior level technologists.
  10. Advising on upgrading of laboratory technologies, techniques, skills and protocols whenever required.
  11. Implementing Laboratory Safety and Quality Control.
  12. Co-coordinating the functioning of all university Laboratories.
  13. Evaluating procurement of laboratory supplies and ensures timely requisition and supply.
  14. Compiling the annual progress report of the laboratory department.
  15. Conducting applied and adaptive researches
  16. Maintaining and updating laboratory database
  17. Writing of scientific articles and reports
  18. Liaising with academic staff and technical staff or non-teaching staff to ensure smooth running of practicals, demonstration and research projects.
  19. Performing any other duty as assigned by the university management.

Desired Qualifications.

  1. A Bachelors and Master's degree in the area of specialization.
  2. 3+ years of experience as a Deputy Principal Technologist, or a relevant position.
  3. Experience working in a University setting.
  4. Have a keen eye for detail.
  5. A strategic thinker.
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