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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)

1. I want to transfer from one of MKU campuses to another, kindly advice on the process
  • The student should fill the campus transfer form and the clearance form in the current campus. After that, the student is issued with a campus transfer letter which he / she uses to report in the preferred campus.
2. What is the timeline for correcting certificates with errors?
  • Certificate returned for corrections shall be available one month after they have been taken to the printer. Please note that certificates for corrections are not delivered on daily basis since a sizeable number has to be consolidated before they are sent.

  • To avoid having a misspelt certificate always liaise with the admission certificates once the graduation list is issued online
3. Where should students collect their Result Slips?
  • Students should view their results online from their students portals. In case one wish to take the physical slip to the parent/guardian/employer the HOD/Coordinator can issue a signed and stamped copy
4. How does one know that he/she has qualified after application?
  • An automatic message is sent to the applicant once the application is ticked admissible as long as the applicant has supplied the correct mobile phone number he/she gets a message.
5. How can one apply for course advancement
  • By filling advancement form available in the customer care or admissions office, students should ensure that the required documents as indicated in the form are attached. The form is then approved by the HOD and Dean of School and later forwarded to the admissions office for processing.
  • The admission letters for advancing student is instant as long the above procedure is followed
6. Which sports activities are there in MKU?
  • Soccer, Rugby, Handball, Netball (Ladies), Hockey, Badminton, Swimming, Karate, Basketball and Indoor Board Games.


7. Why is students’ portal closed early without student fully registering their units?
  • Unit registration has deadlines. All students are required to register for units on offer for a particular semester / trimester at the beginning of the semester within the first four weeks upon payment of 30% of the semester / trimester fees. The purpose of online unit registration is for the university to be able to plan for the semester / trimester which if not adhered to will inconvenience other processes in the University.

  • For digital varsity students, notes and other student materials can only be accessed upon registration of units. It is therefore, necessary that registration is done at the beginning of the semester and not every time.
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